Where to buy plants online and on the highstreet.

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ROOT Houseplants

This store is where I found one of my favourite house plants - Peperomia Argyreia, or otherwise known as Peperomia Watermelon! I’d been after one of these plants for about two years and had so far never found one online or in a local store. Needless to say I jumped at the chance of getting to own one! At the time of my purchase I bought the plant from their EBay store, but they have since started selling on their own Website, so really it’s up to you on which selling platform you feel the most comfortable spending your money. 

The Peperomia Watermelon that I received was super healthy. It did have a few brown marks on some leaves but really that’s to be expected when you are sending plants through the post, and I was really impressed with the way they packaged it. 

Pilea   , Planter from TK Maxx.

Pilea, Planter from TK Maxx.

Geo Fleur

I bought my first ever Pilea Peperomioides from Geo Fleur! I bought it from their online store and at that time they were actually really hard to find anywhere either online or locally. Because of this, I paid a little more than necessary for my pilea, and if i’d waited just a few more months I would have probably been able to save a lot of money. Regardless of that, this was the first house plant i’d seen online and thought WOW I need one of those, and i’ve now had it for around 4 years! It’s turned into quite a bit of a monster and has produced baby after baby meaning that I’ve been able to give these away as gifts to friends and family, which kind of makes it worth the cost. I do think that Geo-Fleur can be a bit on the expensive side, but they are always incredibly healthy, well looked after and they also sometimes offer some quite rare plants. 


Online Baby Plants

This shop is probably my favourite plant store at the moment. I’ve ordered from them three times now (including one order specifically for making a little terrarium, which baby plants are perfect for!) and each time I’ve been incredibly impressed with both their packaging (sent in the post from outside the U.K) and the health of the plant. I also think it is SUCH good idea to sell baby house plants. This means that the cost is cheaper, making it more accessible to a wider range of people and then also it’s super exciting to watch a baby plant grow to maturity! A lot of the time house plants in stores are big when sold so it’s quite rare to see a plant grow from such a young age. I would definitely recommend Online Baby Plants to anyone looking to buy a less expensive but really cool plant. Their range is fantastic.

Bearpaw from Wilkos,    Planter.

Bearpaw from Wilkos, Planter.


So, Wilkos might be one of my favourite shops ever. It really does have everything you might need when you own a home! And my absolute favourite thing to do while in Wilkos is walk straight over to the gardening section. Not only do they have a lovely range of outdoor plants but they also have some surprising gems in their indoor plants section. My first ever Bear Paw succulent was bought for £1.00 in wilkos in a tiny pot! (I also managed to pick another bear paw - this time variegated - from wilkos at a later date so always worth a look!) As usual I’d been wanting one for AGES and they are still relatively hard to find online. If you are wanting to start (or add to) your collection with some easy going cacti and succulents then Wilkos is the place for you. They sell teeny 6cm pots with all kinds of different succulents ranging from £1.00-£1.50. 


This shop was recommended to me by the lovely Rachel Harrison from ONRshop (the QUEEN of plants!) I had been after a Raphidophora Tetrasperma for a while and noticed on one of Rachels plant tour videos that she had one and she kindly let me know that she had purchased hers from Araflora. I did not delay in getting my Tetrasperma ordered and considering they were based outside of the U.K I was again really impressed with both the health of the plant and the packaging that it came in. The plant was relatively young so I’ve been able to watch it grow and sprout new leaves which is so exciting. I’ve only purchased once from Araflora but I’ve got a bit of a wish list on there for the future, including some SERIOUSLY cool carnivorous plants that I’d never even heard of! 

Tetrasperma   , Planter from TK Maxx ,    Heart Patch   ,    Print.

Tetrasperma, Planter from TK Maxx , Heart Patch, Print.


EBay is a fantastic place for buying plants. Generally, if I see a plant that I like and want to look for online I will go to EBay first before anywhere else. There’s a huge range of shops on EBay that specialise in plants but then there’s also a lot of people who are simply plant enthusiasts selling their cuttings to other like minded plant hobbyists! Simply pop the species you are looking for in the search bar and see what comes up! 

Planter, Triostar from Morrisons.

Planter, Triostar from Morrisons.


So, we all know supermarkets have a floristry section and there usually a couple of your bog standard houseplants thrown into the mix (hello orchids!) but one supermarket that always surprises me is Morrisons! The amount of plant’s I’ve bought from here is amazing and at brilliant prices too. Off the top of my head I have so far found a huge Calathea Triostar, a gorgeous Calathea pinstripe, a 4 ft variegated rubber plant and a variegated umbrella plant - and that’s just to name a few! It is always worth a look in Morrisons flower and plant section to see what they have in store because sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised. 

Let me know what you think about this post, whether you’ve tried some of these shops yourself or especially if you have a store to add to the list!

VEGAN BRUNCH ~ Tomato, Mushroom and Red Onion Medley.

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I am not a breakfast food person.

THERE! I said it! People look at me with confused expressions when I tell them that I do not like breakfast food. I shudder to think how Leslie Knope would react if she ever found out.

Therefore, finding something that sits well with me first thing on a morning has been a struggle. I've tried it all... over-night oats, breakfast smoothies, the classic cereal and (plant-based) milk, toast with various toppings... (disclaimer - I am yet to try a home made granola, so there might be some kind of related blog post coming at some point in the future!)

I generally settle for a slice of toast with some dairy free Flora. Cram that in my gob and away I go with a coffee in one hand and instagram scrolling in the other.

However, they do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while I'm really not that way inclined, I have been working on some breakfast type meals that I can enjoy when we have a bit more time to cook and a bit of a slower morning than the Monday to Friday slog, so I've created this recipe to share with you guys. We enjoy this tasty brunch on a Saturday morning after a relaxing, slow start. It's super easy to make and you can half/double the ingredients as it suits you!

Tomato, Onion and Mushroom Medley.
Serves 2 

Nutritional Value Per Serving:
Calories - 441
Fat - 19.2g
Carbs - 48.6g
Protein - 14.3g


  • 1 Tbsp of Oil (I use Hemp or Olive oil)

  • 350g White Mushrooms

  • 4 Large Tomatoes

  • 1 Red Onion

  • 4 Slices of Seeded Bread

  • Favourite Non-Dairy Spread

  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Chop the red onion roughly and separate each piece. Chuck them in a pan with the Tbsp of preferred oil and stick the heat up nice and high. Place a lid on top of the pan and let them cook for a few minutes.

  2. While the onions are browning, chop your mushrooms (I prefer mine thinly sliced). Once the onions are starting to look brown/charred, turn down the heat and add the mushrooms. Season with Salt and Pepper at this stage.

  3. Chop the tomatoes into eighths. I usually sprinkle a little salt on the tomatoes and let them sit while the mushrooms cook, it really brings the flavour of the tomato out!

  4. Cook the mushrooms and onion together on a low heat for around ten minutes. Make sure those tasty juices are getting released from both the ingredients.

  5. Once everything is soft and juicy, throw in the tomatoes and replace the lid. The main reason I use a lid on my frying pan when making this dish is that I LOVE it nice and juicy. If you would prefer yours a little bit drier, leave the lid off.

  6. Toast your bread to perfection and spread on that delicious dairy free spread!

  7. Once the tomatoes start to soften and get a bit mushy (it doesn't take long) spoon your mixture into bowls and serve with the toast.

  8. Enjoy!

* Top Tip: If you have any fresh basil, parsley or even some spinach looking sad and forgotten in your fridge, stir it in at the end! It will add a lovely bit of flavour and colour. 

And voila! There you have it. A mighty and tasty brunch to help you tackle whatever you have got planned for the day ahead. 

Let me know if you tried the recipe, if you liked it and what other kind of recipes you would love to see! I am always happy to hear from you lovely lot :)

Rosie x 

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NEW ADDITIONS ~ Ponyo and Satsuki join the family.

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Tom and I bought our home in the July of last year. It's crazy to think that we have been here for pretty much 6 months! I was always told in the lead up to finding our house, when we were tired, frustrated and honestly, a bit miserable, that we would look back and think ha! Remember that! I didn't believe them (you never do) and i was under the impression we were never going to move. That the saving, searching and viewing was simply never going to end. But! Alas! Here we are, with a lovely home and two insanely cute Kittens.

Tom and I had a beautiful Calico Cat named Suzie. She was gorgeous, if not a bit neurotic. The thought of moving our little Sooz and her delicate temperament used to keep me up at night. She was incredibly sensitive and easily stressed. 


Unfortunately, unfairly and devastatingly, we lost Suzie at the young age of 8 years old, about 8 months before the big move. We both thought we would never be able to love another animal again, losing her hurt ALOT. Little did we know how much we would miss the pitter patter of tiny paws...

For the first few months of moving into our home, the house was pretty much a building site. There was barely a comfortable place for us to settle, never mind two little kittens. We knew that we wanted to welcome some furry babies back into our home, but we had to wait. In the meantime I signed up to a number of local rescue centres and shelters, and each time a new kitten popped up on my newsfeed, I was convinced that that kitten was the one!

I admit, when we first decided we wanted to welcome kittens back into our lives, I toyed with the idea of a bright eyed, chubby British Shorthaired kitten. However, after some research into the background of breeders and the plight of abandoned kittens, I had my heart set on a rescue. 

On a cold, dark November morning, I couldn't sleep for whatever reason. I was scrolling through my newsfeed at the untimely hour of 5 am and all of a sudden, two balls of grey fur with bright eyes caught my eye! Two teeny tabbies, who MUST be rehomed together, where ready for their forever home. At this point, the downstairs of our home was very nearly ready. We had just finished the painting, and sanding of the floorboards and I had three coats of varnish to brush onto the floor before it was complete, and even our couch and chair arrived a few days later!


This is it, I thought. These two are the ones for us. The timing was just too perfect to ignore. After a couple of messages back and forth I got the phone number of Cats Protection Teesside, who the kittens where up for adoption through. In my eagerness to find out more about the kittens, I rang a little earlier than i should have (expecting to leave a message) and dragged the poor woman out of the shower! After a quick promise to ring me back, I got a phone call and learnt more about these teeny kittens.

Cats Protection Teesside is completely volunteer ran, and ran brilliantly it is. By 10am I had been put in contact with Andrea, the lovely lady who was fostering the kittens until they found their forever home, and we arranged a date for me and Tom to meet the two sisters. We had also found out that these two little sweeties had been abandoned by their mother after giving birth two a whopping litter of ELEVEN kittens! Subsequently this meant they had to be rescued and bottle fed. 


Fast forward to the next day, and at 4pm we embarked on the 30 minute drive to meet our future fur babies. Andrea was lovely, and from first glimpse of her kitchen it became obvious that she not only dedicated her time, energy and love to these kittens but also a good bit of her home too! Andrea told us that this year alone she had fostered around 120 kittens, and these were the last two to be adopted. Although Andrea joked about how happy she was to get her kitchen back, I could see she had grown very fond of these feisty, inquisitive and seriously cute kittens. 

The kittens where TINY! I honestly thought that they weren't ready to be rehomed because they were SO small, but having very little experience with tiny kittens, we were assured that they were 8 weeks, fully weaned and litter trained and ready to embark on their next adventure. 


We weren't ready to take them there and then, I had no idea how the adoption process worked and had turned up a little unprepared. But, two days later we were back, arms laden with blankets, toys and a cat carrier my lovely friend Lyndsay had kindly gifted us.

The same day we had just had our couch and chair delivered (after sitting on camp chairs for three months!!!) and when we got home with the kittens it instantly felt like it had turned from a house into a home. 

I'd never met two more confident, curious and sociable kittens. Andrea definitely knew what she was doing when it came to raising confident cats. They had settled in within the hour. Ponyo was immediately the affectionate lap cat, despite her being considerably smaller than her sister, she seemed much less timid. Satsuki remained close to us but always kept a little bit of distance for that quick escape! 


Now, pretty much three months later, we have established a good routine. Both kittens are healthy, growing at an alarming rate and each have their own remarkably unique personality.

Ponyo, now the bigger of the two!, is the mischief maker, destroyer of all things and starter of all play fights, although she still loves a good cuddle. Satsuki is peace itself, happy doing her own thing and exploring worktops and places unknown. She also enjoys a good cuddle herself hehe. 

ponyo and sats.jpg

You can find many more pictures of these absolute sweeties over on my Instagram, and I'm sure I will be sharing more about these little rascals on here in the future :) 

Rosie x

Hey Hey!

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Hey hey! 

Just a quick update on what i've been up to recently! The weekend just gone was a lovely loooong weekend (off from the day job from Friday to Monday!!) so we made the most of it and went on lots of sunny walks. It's so nice to get outside in the fresh air!!! We went up to Lord Stones on Saturday and it was beaaaaauuuuutiful!! I'd never been before but i would DEFINITELY go again! And they had the cutest little gift shop (bagged myself some lovely green tea with pomegranate :D)
Got some lovely photos too, it's been great to practice with my camera :) Here's my favourite photo of Tom and his Dad, Arnie.

In other news! My etsy is once again stocked full of goodies! Including some more of the Super Sale Lucky Dip boxes, which i've decided to keep on because of how popular they are :) Wooo! Check it out HERE!

Ready, Steady.....Knit!

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So this week i had the lovely opportunity to gatecrash one of King Crumpets 'We Knit!" Knitting clubs. I've worked with King Crumpet in the past and just love her passion for hand made craft and spreading the joys of DIY. I was able to snap a few photos of the group and the knitted work that Hannah (King Crumpet herself) presents and sells.

Image copyright to King Crumpet Craft Events

King Crumpet was established just over a year ago, and has already made a massive difference in the arts and crafts scene in Hartlepool.She's already given a load of local and independent traders opportunities that they have never had before in this small sea side town, and shown people how important it is to support your local and independent business'.

Hannah's Knitting club offers tutoring to all abilities in both knitting and crochet. Completely self taught, Hannah is one of the best and most skilled knitters i know for her age. Her work oozes cute and quirkiness. One thing that really struck me when peeping in on the knitting club was how well Hannah presented herself, and how confidently and passionately she spoke about the subject she was teaching. I immediately had confidence in her and knew that i if i had any problems with my knitting projects then she would know how to help, and if she didn't, she would definitely do her research and find out!

It was also really cool to see Hannah wearing one of my very own Rosebud Casson necklaces!!

So, down to the deets! It takes place at the Peoples Centre in Hartlepool, Raby Road. (for those of you that arent familiar, its the lovely big building just over the road from Morrisons, right next to the Town Hall and Police station.) The knitting club is £5 a session, each session is 2 hours from 7pm to 9pm. It started off as the first Thursday of every month (as mentioned on the flyer above) but due to popular demand this has been boomphed up to every first and third Thursday starting from May! Right, I know what you are thinking. What do i get for my fiver? Well hang on ladies and gents, i'm about to tell you!

For your measly little fiver, you get the chance to have group discussions about knitting projects and tips/techniques (and also a good natter about everything under the sun with fellow likeminded people!), knitting ideas and handouts to use and take home with you, guaranteed one to one time with the amazing King Crumpet herself (as well as one or two other incredibly experienced knitters) delicious cake and as many cuppas as your heart desires (who can do crafting without a good steaming cup of tea in front of you!?) and all the materials to get you started including knitting needles and yarn. How AMAZING is that?!?!? Its an absolute bargain. 

Not only that, but there will be many opportunities to take part in projects, exhibiting work, trading at craft fairs and shows and also organizing and taking part in Charity Drives to raise money for various local charities. From just sitting in on one session it already sounds like they have a load of exciting ideas just bursting at the seams and waiting to be taken on!  

All abilities are welcome to the knitting club, and so far there have been a couple of attendees who had absolutely zero experience with knitting, but are now well on their way to feeling comfortable around a few knitting needles! The group seemed like a lovely and friendly bunch and i could tell they all totally loved coming to the club, so no wonder they were begging Hannah to put it up to twice a month!!

For any more information, enquiries, commissions or just to take a nosy at Hannahs other work and events, check out these links!!!

snap snap snap!

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So i mentioned in the last post that i'd been spending alot of time with my lovely family! I've had an awesome week and so sad that some of them had to go back down to the south! (They live in the beautiful seaside town of Ilfracombe, North Devon....not jealous at all!)

Anyway, it gave me an awesome chance to practice with my camera and my 50mm lens, it's about time i got this baby out for some fresh air this year! So here are a couple of my favourite snaps :) Can't wait to get scrapbooking hehe!

Super Sale!!

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Hello all! What a lovely week its been! This week i've had a few days off to spend some time with my family that have been visiting from Ilfracombe, North Devon :) It's been awesome! 
In addition, to celebrate this lovely week i've decided to put on the biggest sale YET at Rosebud Casson! Okay, okay, there are other reasons too ;)
I've got so many ideas coming out of my ears, nose etc etc..... So i thought what better than a spring clean?! Make way for some new exciting stock with a mass sale of the old stuff. 
I am offering over FIFTY POUNDS worth of stock for just TWENTY POUNDS!!!! Thats right!!! Can't get much better than that ;)
Click on the banner below to get to my etsy shop and check out those awesome super sale boxes!!!!

Tibetan Sand Paintings

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Hi guys!

So the other night i was getting my daily fill of the new TV Series 'House of Cards' (do you guys watch it? I totally LOVE it. I was a bit sceptical of Spacey's southern accent at first but....hey. the guys a genius) And in the most recent episode i've watched there was some Tibetan monks making a sand painting all the way through, stationed in the White House. I was totally blown away!!! I'd never seen anything like it before. I immediately picked up my phone (isn't it crazy we can just get any information we need at a click of a button? Gone are the days of rummaging through encyclopedias and dictionary's!) And googled it.

Source: Pinterest:

So basically the monks begin by tracing an outline for the Mandala, and then layer coloured sand to form the beautiful painting, using metal, flute like instruments called chak-purs. In Tebetan this art is called dul-tson-kyil-khor, which translates as "mandala of the coloured powders". The paintings can take anywhere from days to weeks to complete. 

After the paintings are painstakingly constructed, they are deconstructed almost immediately after completion! This is carried out as a metaphor of the impermanence of life and to remind us nothing is forever. The sand is swept up and place in an urn. Half is given to the audience of the closing ceremony, and then half is carried to a nearby body of water released to be carried throughout the world for 'planetary healing'.

Source -

I found this video on youtube of a timelapse of the construction of a Mandala. I hope you all find this as inspiring as i do!

Whitby Adventures!

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Hi guys!

So recently me and my S,O celebrated our three year anniversary. Three years! For some it sounds like not much, and others it sounds like a loooong time. But to me its been such a fun adventure (eek soppy alert!!!) He is without a doubt my best friend and the last three years have been amazing. So, to celebrate i secretly organised a little weekend in the beautiful seaside town of Whitby!

I thought it would be fun to become proper cheesy tourists for the weekend. It's so nice! To be honest i'd only ever been once before and i can't believe i haven't taken more trips here. It was literally just over an hour in the car (and also the furthest i've ever drove woop woop! I felt like Samwise from Lord of The Rings when he leaves The Shire...)  and there's so much to do!

We, of course, went for the obligatory fish and chips at the one and only Magpie Cafe. Known for the BEST fish and chips in Whitby, and although i didn't try any fish and chips from any other places in Whitby so can,t judge, i don't doubt it! It was delicious. I went for cod (i'm not a big lover of fish but will partake in the odd cod and chips every once in a blue moon, and you can't not when you visit Whitby!) and Tom went for Monkfish. I was be-a-u-tiful!!! I would recommend it to anyone visiting, but i'll warn you about the queues! We got really lucky and got in before the rush but afterwards every time we walked past it the queues where down the street!

Next up after wandering around the beautiful cobbled streets and nipping into some lovely galleries and shops, my sweet tooth was aching. I originally had my eye on some ice cream stalls but then we stumbled across this quirky littler patisserie called Marie Antoinettes Patisserie. It was soooo nice! It took me ages to choose what i wanted but i ended up going for a double chocolate brownie cheese cake and i was NOT disappointment!!!

I really wanted to get a picture of the outside of the Patisserie because it looked lovely, but unfortunately there was a big white van parked right bang in front of it!

Next up was the Whitby Abbey! Of course how can you visit Whitby and visit one of its most famous landmarks. First established in 657AD, it is oozing with history. It's easy to see why Bram Stoker was inspired by its Gothic beauty when writing the fantastic novel 'Dracula' (one of my favourite books, and unfortunately i missed out on visiting the "Dracula Experience" !!) It's amazing to stand in the ruins and imagine what it would have looked like all those years ago when it was freshly built. The brickwork is gorgeous, and sort of creepily reminded me of a human spine!

Next up of course is the sea. Coming from a seaside town myself i always feel at home next to the sea. I can't imagine what it must be like to not have the nearest beach within walking distance of my home. It always seemed so alien to me when i'd meet new people from inland who only ever saw the sea or a beach when they were on holiday. I think 90% of my memories from growing up with my friends were from the beach! (Our beach is the rainy beach of Seaton Carew, Hartlepool. Always been quite grey and wet weather, but beautiful nontheless and a stones throw away from nature reserves, Saltholme and North Gare (otherwise known as the 'Blue Lagoon'.)) As always, Whitby's beaches did not disappoint :)

(the obligatory holiday selfie)

To finish it off, on the night we booked ourselves in at a lovely little Thai restaurant attached to Whitby train station called Kam Thai. It was AMAZING and i highly recommend anyone who is looking for a place to eat in Whitby to go here when you are a fan of Thai food. The staff are amazingly accommodating and the food is just BURSTING with flavour.

I think all in all it was a top notch weekend!


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So, Christmas last year i decided to put in some thought and time and make some hand made presents for my family. I'm actually really pleased with the results and would love to expand these further for future products! Although my work is largely laser cut, embroidery is my biggest passion and i really want to make that a bigger element within my work. I'd love to hear your ideas and opinions on my latest work!


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Hello! and Happy New Year from Rosebud Casson.

It seems i have been severely neglecting my blog! This year we have seen a brilliant post from guest blogger Annie Walker, but it's about time i got off my lazy butt and wrote some news myself ;)

Looking back on the last year on my blog....

It's been a crazy few months. I have been on some adventures, caught up with old friends, hung out with new friends, had an AMAZING time over the festive season and have welcomed the new year with a smile. It's been so fun! 

In November we paid a visit to our beautiful and local Cod Beck, Osmotherly. It was so good to get out into nature and breathe in the fresh air. Living in a town or a city you can forget how beautiful and refreshing nature actually is! It's so good for the soul! In 2015 i am going to try my hardest to really make an effort to get out more with nothing but the fresh air around me and my camera around my neck. And maybe a little tasty picnic to take along too ;) It can be so calming and inspiring to just get out of the hustle and bustle of every day life and just get into the stix for a good hearty walk!

I've also tried to take as many photos as i could last year, but i must admit there was a point when i completely forgot that i had my camera at all! So this year is going to be the year of the photo ;) I want to really update my self taught skills with my camera and use it to the best of my ability. I just want to learn so much more about my camera and collect some visually delicious memories along the way!!

Here are the first photographs i've taken in 2015!

These were from a lovely day in York, catching up with one of my bestest and oldest friends. I was playing about with my 50mm lens, and i just loved those light shades in The Evil Eye in York!!!

Introducing Guest Blogger Annie Walker!

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Hello Guys! And welcome to 2015! Isn't it crazy how time flies ey? I can't believe how quickly this year has gone. It won't even be long until will have been up for a whole year! Eek! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and fab New Year, and are recovering from all the festivities. I've had a lovely time, which may explain why i've been so quiet on here (sorry!!!!)

So anyway, 2015 bring lovely new things to Rosebud Casson, the first being a lovely lady named Annie Walker! Please let me introduce you to my new guest blogger, who will be guest blogging once a month :) 

Hi guys! My name is Annie and as a few of you may know Rosie has been on the hunt for guest bloggers. As one of them (yay!), I thought it best to introduce myself and explain a little about what I'll be blogging about! Currently I'm studying textiles and surface design at CCAD Hartlepool, so it's a no brainer that majority of my posts will revolve around beautiful design and my biggest inspirations for the work I create! I'm a real foodie too so there's a definite possibility of a recipe or two creeping in there somewhere, mostly sweet treats! I have a travel blog where I do reviews of whole holiday packages, transport, touristy things, restaurants and cool places to visit and am in the process of editing my blog on my own work so I am looking forward to introducing you all to them! And I'm in the process of learning to knit and crochet as well so look forward to updates on how that's going, yarns to use, the best YouTube tutorials and so on! I will warn you it is not easy to knit or crochet at first and I've had my fair share of temper tantrums about it, it's only natural after all! I'm also really open to constructive criticism and feedback and always appreciate it as writing is something I'm passionate about anyway, so any comments will be appreciated and taken into consideration!
But overall I hope you all like my posts!

Own Photograph- The Bowes Museum- 20-12-2014
So, I've decided to do my first post on an exhibition I recently visited and it has become by far one of the most stunning exhibitions I have visited so far. Although I study textiles and fashion is a big part of the course, I've never really been able to sink my mind into it. I much prefer interiors, gift and stationery. Although I might have had my mind changed a little. The Bowes Museum have an exhibition on called 'Birds of Paradise- Plumes and Feathers in Fashion', it's running until 19th April 2015 so there's still plenty of time to visit and I would recommend highly that if you like that kind of thing, you will love it!
Just in case you are going to visit, I'll try not to use too many photographs as I'd hate to ruin the surprise! You can view beautiful pieces from designers like Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler and Gucci. It's not so much fashion, but wearable art, I personally think it's too extravagant (in a fabulous way!) and just amazing to be classed as just fashion. There are also head pieces, fans, bags and shoes and the clue is in the name in the fact that they all include feathers of some sort!

Own Photograph- The Bowes Museum- 20-12-2014

Own Photograph- The Bowes Museum- 20-12-2014
I have to admit, when I first heard about the exhibition I didn't think much of it because it was described as just plain old feathers and let's face it, how many times have feathers been done and feathers been boring?! So, upon visiting, I was amazed, the quality and intricacy of each and every one of the pieces was so well executed. And if you love embroidery and embellishment, you'll like this exhibition as well!
This is one definitely worth a visit.
To complement the visit you can purchase some lovely little things from the Museum shop, or gifts if there's a special occasion coming up! The café do an amazing afternoon tea for two as well. I had my first afternoon tea in the café and it was just fabulous, look forward Tia sugar rush!

To find out more about the exhibition you can visit the Bowes Museum website- 
Admission Prices
Adults- £9.50
Concessions- £8.50
With a student card- £5.00
Under 16's- Free

I hope I have enticed all of you enough to go give this one a visit and I really hope you all enjoyed my first post. I’ll look forward to hearing any feedback and whether you decided to visit! Happy New Year guys, bye for now!

Applied Artists Unite!

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Last week i was lucky enough to catch up with two lovely ladies that i went to college and university with, and they are doing absolutely brilliantly! They are two very very talented applied artists, and it was great to catch up with them and see what they got up to with their business adventures. Please welcome to the blog.... Jessica Langford and Lucy Addison!

I got to see their joint studio and talk to them about their self employment and also the joint business they have created from the ground up. It's brilliant to see how motivated they are and how hard they are working, both together and also within their own individual works. People who have followed my blog and instagram before know that i am BIG fans of their work and have bought pieces from both of them - and i LOVE them!

I had loads of fun mooching around their studio at their tools and motivational posters (i particularly liked the one shown above!) It was cool to see where they worked and it almost reminded me of back in the old days at college! I was almost a little envious of their little space and getting to work with each other every day ;)

I got to pick their brains in a little informal interview we's what they had to say!

1. When and why did you decide you wanted to set up a studio together instead of seperately?

J – I absolutely loved uni and the creative atmosphere, having Lucy as my bay neighbour getting to hear about Lucy’s projects and I didn’t want that to end when we left. When we were in 2nd year uni we went for a day out to the Ouseburn Studios in Newcastle together and there was this one workshop, I still remember exactly what it looked like, kind of triangular shaped with a big heater and all nice a cosy and creative. There was two girls in there, one was a bag maker and I can’t remember what the other one did but I remember loving her business cards. Anyway! We had a really nice chat with the girls and walked away so inspired and we both realised that was exactly what we wanted.

L – I also loved our work spaces at uni, being surrounded by other creatives really kept me motivated and inspired. Throughout uni I realised doing work at home really wasn’t quite the same as I would lose concentration and basically got a lot more work done when surrounded by others. When we were finishing uni I realised working from home would be hard for me and as Jess has already said we loved the shared workshop spaces at Ouseburn Studios and decided it’d be amazing to share a work space/ studio to continue bouncing creative ideas off each other and to keep motivated. We love sharing a workshop and it’s great having someone elses opinion right by my side when I’m working on commissions or small collections.

2. What is the Creative Village, and how did it come about?

J – We had always both mentioned wanting to do both making products and delivering workshops but we had never discussed doing it together or anything. My auntie, Sue Johnson, has a business called Local Solutions who deliver workshops to help people refine their business idea and give them the skills to be able to make it come to life. The class, including Lucy’s mum and one of our good friends Rachel, all realised a lot of our goals were similar so why not create an extra amazing company together? As time went on other hurdles have got in the way of some of the other members of the group which left Lucy and I to set up Creative Village as a pair, however we still have plans for the others to be involved in the future.

L – Sue Johnson’s workshop was one of the best things we have ever done. It brought to life what we have always dreamed of which is a business on the side of our self-employment which we could teach workshops through. Creative Village is a community interest company that aims to deliver workshops to a range of ages and abilities in our local community. We share our skills learnt through our degree including jewellery & ceramics and also general art & design with younger attendees.  

3. Can you tell us more about what you both do with the Creative Village, and what you want to achieve?

J – We are both really passionate about art and want to use it to help others enjoy it as much as we do. We have recently really enjoyed working with Eastern Ravens, a group of young carers, using art to create a way to express and free their feelings. We carefully created activities to build confidence and self-esteem while they had a good old good time! We sit there after each workshop and can’t actually believe that we can call that our job, we enjoy it so much!

L – We plan and deliver the workshops together and we’re always coming up with creative ideas for workshops. Like Jess said our aim is to help others enjoy art as much as we do and express themselves through art. We absolutely love teaching the workshops it is our favourite time of the week and seeing the attendees go away from the workshop happy, full of energy and creativity makes our day!

4. How does your joint business tie in and compliment your own individual work?

J – I personally find it really inspiring and motivating to see others discovering how good art can be and what art can do for someone. The motivation filters through and after each workshop I can’t wait to get going on my own work with 12987347 different ideas going through my head!

L- As Jess has said helping other to be creative really inspires what we do on a daily basis whether it be delivering our workshops through Creative Village or working on our own businesses. We are constantly getting excited to make new collections and getting prepared for upcoming events it is so refreshing to share our love for the creative world with others.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And where do you want to go with the Creative Village?

J - I see myself completely self-employed and spending my days being lucky enough to make beautiful (hopefully) pieces and along with Lucy, help others to also make beautiful things. From the beginning we have dreamt of growing and having our own building so that would be TOTALLY AMAZING!

L – I also see myself just self-employed and having a successful joint business with Jess delivering our workshops all over the North East. Our businesses both joint and not are growing by the week and the thought of 5 years’ time is so exciting! I hope we are both really successful in the future!

6. Have you got any new projects or ideas for the future, either working together or separately?

J – When we were in uni we got to go and have a look around the British Craft Trade Fair and we of course spent all day green with envy wanting to be in the exhibitor’s shoes and that’s exactly what we will be doing in April 2015! We can’t wait! I bought one of my outfits to wear there today I’m THAT excited!

We also finally got to announce last night our amazing news, we have been awarded a grant by the Big Lottery Fund! We are so proud and excited about starting our project, Be Creative, ASAP! Our funding will allow us to equip and run the project! Thank you to my Auntie Sue and especially my amazing Mum who helped us sort out a load of notes and excitable noises into something really good. I love getting to work with my best friend! I think our personalities and work really compliment each other and I can’t wait for what comes next!!

L – British Craft Trade Fair April 2015, various upcoming craft fairs we do together. Creative Village has a lot of workshops lined up just working on the start dates for those and as Jess has said above we are over the moon with our funding from the Big Lottery Fund! Couldn’t be any happier that our dreams are coming true and I couldn’t think of a better person to have by my side running our business. Again, thanks to Alison (jess’s mam) & Sue Johnson for all their help!  We couldn’t have done it without them! Bring on the future!


I'm sure, just like me, you are incredibly excited about the things that Jess and Lucy have got lined up! For young artists just starting out they are doing AMAZING!!! Please click on the photographs below to visit their websites and check out their work! And keep your peepers peeled for the all the news and goss about their upcoming work :)



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Victorija's Illustrations!

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In today's blogpost i would love to show off the work of the incredibly talented Victorija from AndSmile! I found her work a year or two ago, and immediately fell in love with her quirky illustrations. As soon as i saw her Frida Kahlo necklace (pictured below, uploaded a looong time ago onto my instagram!) i HAD to have it! I still absolutely love it to this day :)

Her illustrations are amazing. So fun, lovely and can make anyone smile. From famous heroes such as David Bowie to beloved characters from various Wes Anderson films, there is something for everybody within her work.

I've been following her Instagram religiously since I found her wonderful Frida, and had noticed a couple of commissioned portraits she had done for various people. I LOVED them! It got me to thinking how awesome it would be if i got one for my partner as a i did! I wanted to make it really personal, so i asked her to include our two cats, and our other cat that we lost a couple of months ago in July :) And she did it perfectly!

Even her logo is simple yet beautiful :)

I was so so happy with the results, and even happier with how much my partner loved it too. She got drew our cats so perfectly and i am so glad we could still include our lovely tiger in it too. 

Please check out Victorijas work through her  WEBSITE!

Memory Lane..

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So, feeling inspired after reading a recent post by A Beautiful Mess (you can find this post HERE) on 10 reasons to give Scrapbooking a chance, I wanted to show off my own scrapbooks that i have compiled over the years. I started my first when i was 13 (now 22) and i am just about to finish my fifth. Of course there were times when i didn't scrapbook for months, and where i scrapbooked about four times a week! One scrapbook may have the time scale of two years, and another scrapbook may have the time scale of 6 months. There are no rules, no just have to do what you want! Make it your own. Look back on your memories and watch your own artistic style grow and change just like you do. I really believe Scrapbooking is therapeutic - it's definitely gotten me through a few rocky stages in the past and what is better than walking down memory lane for that good old feeling of nostalgia!?

So here they are, a little look into the personal life of Rosebud Casson growing up! I hope it will inspire and encourage you to make your own memories :)

Scrapbook No.1!
This little guy was a photo album from W H Smiths. It is totally falling to pieces as i started this one when i was 13 to 14. As you can see, i wasn't really aware of any style, and still very much finding my feet with scrapbooking! I'd never known scrapbooking was really a 'thing' at this point, and really just wanted somewhere to keep all my photos in an unstructured and not very 'photo album' way.

Scrapbook No.2!
This was another WH Smith find, and was intended to be one of those photo albums where you slip the photos in. I just ripped out the celophane pockets and stuck straight down onto the card! I started to be a bit more experimental with this one, finding and using all sorts of things to use as grounds etc. I'd even photocopy things i like (prints on a bag or dress) and use these as grounds. Also started using wrapping papers and things like tickets and arm bands for festivals to stick in there, I was a big fan of masking tape as well!!

Scrapbook No.3!
Pushing the boat out a bit, this was a photo album from Wilkinsons ;) I liked the way it had a window in the front so i stuck one of my favourite photos i've taken (seagulls at the park, taken on 35mm Diana F+) in there. I also tried to include some quotes that i found inspirational in here, starting with the Franz Kafka you can see here on the first page. I'd collected hand made birthday cards people had made me and gig tickets to pad this one out a bit. I even ripped a few nice pages from things like Cath Kidston catalogs to use as grounds.

Scrapbook No.4!
This one is now just a pile of sheets i need to get bound or wrapped. I had struggled with it for a while and i hated it. I'd gotten a kraft sketchbook from Paperchase and although i love those books and their paper, i just couldn't make it work. I'd also messed up a few pages, went through a break up, met someone new etc...and it just wasn't working. I didn't scrapbook for a long time just because i didnt like the book! And one day i thought, why am i doing this! Whats wrong with ripping out the few pages you do like and making a whole new book! I'd been holding back because i thought once i had done something i had to keep it, but like i said before, there are no rules. If theres something you don't like, scrap it (no pun intended!) and start again, thats the beauty of it :)

Scrapbook No.5!
And here we are to today :) This is my newest and most recent scrapbook, and i think my favourite, although that changes with my mood. I got a massive Scrapbook from Paperchase (this is actually the first book i have that was intended for scrapbooking purposes!) and i love it. It's MASSIVE! Much bigger scale than i have used in the past. It's allowed me to use bigger photos and grounds. In this one i got some of my instagram photos printed and then normal every day pics. I think my style has become alot cleaner than it has been in the older scrapbooks! The difference between this and my first is really interesting to see! I have about five pages left and then its time to start the delicious hunt for a new book!!!


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So, as the night are getting darker and ever so slightly cooler (i must get my hands on a new winter coat and a heater before i freeeeeeze to death!! teehee) i've found myself becoming ever so slightly.....less motivated. 

I am the type of person who feel energised, motivated and rearing to go when the sun is blazing! And when it is dark early nights....i get a little bit too comfortable with whichever book i'm reading and a steaming mug of green tea. This is not on! I must get my bum in gear! 

So. My little workspace isn't exactly what i hoped it would be, but its good enough. Due to space issues where i am currently i only have a very limited amount of space to work in, but this doesn't stop me from doing my best :) I surprised myself last winter, and i was really proud of myself for the amount of work i got done, especially leading up to my collection launch at the SEWN Exhibition, hosted by King Crumpet. 

Therefore, this year - i will do even better! It has however, got me dreaming of how my studio will be when i finally get a whole room to do whatever i please with :) The possibilities are endless and i love to day dream about my very own print table, sewing spot etc!! This got me research a wee bit on Pinterest, and i thought i'd share some of my favourites with you, to get you inspired about your own creative spaces!!!

I love the simple white and the splashes of colour to this summery space. What better way to get you motivated than bright colours and quirky bits and bobs?
I REALLY love the simplicity of this one. Typically, i am quite a cluttered person and like things to be all over the place and bursting at the seams, but i really love this workspace at OH NO RACHIO!'S studio! Plants are so important to me as well. There have even been studies to show that people in a workplace filled with plants actually work better than those who are in workplaces without them!
Now this work space is definitely more 'me'. I am a big fan of inspiring and creative imagery, and i LOVE stationary!  
Again, lots of simple white walls and then a big feature wall, covered from head to toe in inspiring artists, colours, shapes....anything that makes you smile!!

The Wind Rises.

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So anyone who knows me, knows that i have a big big passion for animation, and in particular - Hayao Miyazaki. I was heartbroken when i found out Miyazaki was retiring with his last film, "The Wind Rises", but then realised...who am i to be heart broken! This man has given me so much with his films, and for that i am grateful. I can't even imagine how stressful and demanding the animation industry is, and to achieve greatness with such grace is just amazing. I can think of no other artist or writer that has come close (in my eyes) to the beauty that is Miyazaki's film collection. The morals and values behind every story are so pure and beautiful, and there is something for both adults and children. The artwork and sound is literally breathtaking.

The above still is from his newest feature length film, The Wind Rises. This film is completely different from all his previous films. Instead of exploring the world of demons, magic and spirits, this film has a more serious and realistic note, based on a true story of a young, gifted airplane engineer, Jirô Horikoshi, that dedicated his life to his biggest passion. 

I didn't get to see this film at the cinema, the same as all of his other films (alot of them were made before i was even born!) and i wish i had. It would have been absolutely stunning on the big screen! I did however order the collectors edition and then awaited its arrival.....nervously!!
I was really apprehensive before i watched it. would it live up to Miyazakis standards....?

Of course it would! In one word, it was perfect. And for his last feature length film, i could not ask for anything more.Thank you Miyazaki, for bringing this beauty into my world :)

I seriously, SERIOUSLY suggest, if you haven't already, that you watch at least one of his films. Whether you want to sit down with your little ones and enjoy a heart warming family film then go for My Neighbour Tororo, or Ponyo. Or if you want to watch something a bit more thrilling and grown up, i suggest Princess Monoke or Howls Moving Castle. And i promise you - you won't be able to stop there!!


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Meet Indie. A very recent member of our family :) Indie is a dog my dad took in at three years old after the owners couldn't look after it anymore (full time jobs and not enough space). She was incredibly loved and i can't imagine how hard it must have been to hand her over to a new owner, although it was the best thing for her. She now lives with my dad, and they are already like two peas in a pod! She's such a beautiful, good natured and well behaved dog, and it's lovely to see how good she and my dad are for eachother. 
I took this photo on our weekly Sunday trip to North Gare, her favourite walk of the week! 

In other news..............MY WEBSITE IS BACK ONLINE!!!

I am extremely pleased to announce my website is once again live, with a brand new Etsy shop to make it easy to purchase all of those early christmas presents ;)