ponyo and satsuki

NEW ADDITIONS ~ Ponyo and Satsuki join the family.

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Tom and I bought our home in the July of last year. It's crazy to think that we have been here for pretty much 6 months! I was always told in the lead up to finding our house, when we were tired, frustrated and honestly, a bit miserable, that we would look back and think ha! Remember that! I didn't believe them (you never do) and i was under the impression we were never going to move. That the saving, searching and viewing was simply never going to end. But! Alas! Here we are, with a lovely home and two insanely cute Kittens.

Tom and I had a beautiful Calico Cat named Suzie. She was gorgeous, if not a bit neurotic. The thought of moving our little Sooz and her delicate temperament used to keep me up at night. She was incredibly sensitive and easily stressed. 


Unfortunately, unfairly and devastatingly, we lost Suzie at the young age of 8 years old, about 8 months before the big move. We both thought we would never be able to love another animal again, losing her hurt ALOT. Little did we know how much we would miss the pitter patter of tiny paws...

For the first few months of moving into our home, the house was pretty much a building site. There was barely a comfortable place for us to settle, never mind two little kittens. We knew that we wanted to welcome some furry babies back into our home, but we had to wait. In the meantime I signed up to a number of local rescue centres and shelters, and each time a new kitten popped up on my newsfeed, I was convinced that that kitten was the one!

I admit, when we first decided we wanted to welcome kittens back into our lives, I toyed with the idea of a bright eyed, chubby British Shorthaired kitten. However, after some research into the background of breeders and the plight of abandoned kittens, I had my heart set on a rescue. 

On a cold, dark November morning, I couldn't sleep for whatever reason. I was scrolling through my newsfeed at the untimely hour of 5 am and all of a sudden, two balls of grey fur with bright eyes caught my eye! Two teeny tabbies, who MUST be rehomed together, where ready for their forever home. At this point, the downstairs of our home was very nearly ready. We had just finished the painting, and sanding of the floorboards and I had three coats of varnish to brush onto the floor before it was complete, and even our couch and chair arrived a few days later!


This is it, I thought. These two are the ones for us. The timing was just too perfect to ignore. After a couple of messages back and forth I got the phone number of Cats Protection Teesside, who the kittens where up for adoption through. In my eagerness to find out more about the kittens, I rang a little earlier than i should have (expecting to leave a message) and dragged the poor woman out of the shower! After a quick promise to ring me back, I got a phone call and learnt more about these teeny kittens.

Cats Protection Teesside is completely volunteer ran, and ran brilliantly it is. By 10am I had been put in contact with Andrea, the lovely lady who was fostering the kittens until they found their forever home, and we arranged a date for me and Tom to meet the two sisters. We had also found out that these two little sweeties had been abandoned by their mother after giving birth two a whopping litter of ELEVEN kittens! Subsequently this meant they had to be rescued and bottle fed. 


Fast forward to the next day, and at 4pm we embarked on the 30 minute drive to meet our future fur babies. Andrea was lovely, and from first glimpse of her kitchen it became obvious that she not only dedicated her time, energy and love to these kittens but also a good bit of her home too! Andrea told us that this year alone she had fostered around 120 kittens, and these were the last two to be adopted. Although Andrea joked about how happy she was to get her kitchen back, I could see she had grown very fond of these feisty, inquisitive and seriously cute kittens. 

The kittens where TINY! I honestly thought that they weren't ready to be rehomed because they were SO small, but having very little experience with tiny kittens, we were assured that they were 8 weeks, fully weaned and litter trained and ready to embark on their next adventure. 


We weren't ready to take them there and then, I had no idea how the adoption process worked and had turned up a little unprepared. But, two days later we were back, arms laden with blankets, toys and a cat carrier my lovely friend Lyndsay had kindly gifted us.

The same day we had just had our couch and chair delivered (after sitting on camp chairs for three months!!!) and when we got home with the kittens it instantly felt like it had turned from a house into a home. 

I'd never met two more confident, curious and sociable kittens. Andrea definitely knew what she was doing when it came to raising confident cats. They had settled in within the hour. Ponyo was immediately the affectionate lap cat, despite her being considerably smaller than her sister, she seemed much less timid. Satsuki remained close to us but always kept a little bit of distance for that quick escape! 


Now, pretty much three months later, we have established a good routine. Both kittens are healthy, growing at an alarming rate and each have their own remarkably unique personality.

Ponyo, now the bigger of the two!, is the mischief maker, destroyer of all things and starter of all play fights, although she still loves a good cuddle. Satsuki is peace itself, happy doing her own thing and exploring worktops and places unknown. She also enjoys a good cuddle herself hehe. 

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You can find many more pictures of these absolute sweeties over on my Instagram, and I'm sure I will be sharing more about these little rascals on here in the future :) 

Rosie x