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Game of Stitches...

Rosie CassonComment
A while ago, someone shared a link to my facebook thinking i would really like it. They were not wrong! Being a lover of intricate embroidery, and also a big big fan of the Game of Thrones series, I was amazed to see the beautiful works of art on each piece of costume. I couldn't believe i hadn't noticed it sooner while watching the series, but i was probably distracted by all the blood and guts being thrown about the tv...

Embroidery is one of my biggest passions, and i am mesmorised by the detail and the stories that go with each costume worn in Game of Thrones.

The colours in this bird are beauuuuuuuuuutiful! I absolutely love the beaded detail, used to give the impression of flight and fluidity. The amount of stitch gone into this piece is amazing. If only this was my full time job!!

The concept behind Daenerys's dresses is really cool. Throughout the season they slowly manipulate the fabric more and more of each dress as it progresses and the dragons are born/grow larger. It's such a good and unique idea to portray this sort of time scale and change through the garments that the characters wear. Hat's off to whoever came up with that one!

Now, onto the part that really caught my eye!! Anyone who knows me and my previous/latest work, knows i ADORE insects. I choose them to work from within my own embroidery because they are just so fascinating. Both in nature and in appearance. They come in all shapes, forms, colours, sizes. They almost look like aliens close up! Without insects, our world would be lost, and i want people to see the beauty of the insect world instead of just disregarding them as creepy crawlies. SO! When i saw the Quarteen dress i stopped in my tracks! To be honest, it is not dissimilar to my own work, using various Stumpwork embroidery techniques to create 3D pieces but my work is no where near as beautiful and, well, GOOD as this! One day maybe ;)

My overall favourite piece has got to be this one, worn by Sansa Stark. I feel like the dragonfly has just landed delicately onto a pond, and the stitching around it conveys the subtle ripples and movement of both the dragonfly and the water. It really takes me back to the work of Annemieke Mein, who, when i was in college, was the biggest inspiration to me of all time. When my tutor Sara told me to look up Annemieke Mein in the library because my work was similar and i could gain alot of inspiration, i was gobsmacked! Such beautiful and intricate work within the life of insects and moths. Mein has been a constant source of inspiration since, and has been the number one reason i wanted to become an embroiderer :) It's lovely to see subtle references of her in recent works like this in the costume design for Game of Thrones no less!!

I keep thinking to myself, who gets these jobs!