A Very Productive Day!

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So! The day finally came when enough of my products were finished and my friends were all off work at the same time. So I gathered up my 'Creative Team' and we got to work! Not all my products are done and dusted but I felt like I had enough to get me going for at least one shoot. As i get more finished I am planning on doing the photos as i go along, but I am so pleased with the outcome of our work today :)

Emily modeling Beetle earrings.

So! I got my friends Emily and Amy to model and co-direct the photo shoot with me, and I took the photographs on a camera that was generously lent to me by my friend Abby. The location we used was Emily's cottage and gardens up in Greatham just on the outskirts of our town, Hartlepool. We had such a good laugh and it was a good opportunity for us all to catch up as we are always working these days! It was great having two really creative people to help me along through the shoot with their ideas and suggestions. 

Luckily, the weather really held up for us all day, and only started raining after we took the very last photograph! We all piled our clothes together and carefully chose the outfits to go with all the pieces of jewelry. I'm so pleased with how it all turned out, and relieved i finally have some material to finally get my website and Facebook page going. It's been so boring for all of my followers recently, just looking at the same photographs over and over again! Now i have some media to use i can finally get my website planned with the help of a good friend Kristie, and will hopefully get that up and running soon.
Photographing Emily
Emily and Amy modeling the Glasswing Necklace. Large limited edition only.

I'm really looking forward to releasing the photographs of the full shoot, but until it gets closer to the release of the collection (at the King Crumpet Hart Village fair, Nov 30th/Dec 1st) I am going to drip feed them onto my Facebook Page

I loved the Autumn feel of the location of the shoot, and it was exactly how i wanted it to be. I even got up the courage and modeled a small piece myself! Just for grins and chuckles.. :)

Final photographs will be released gradually over my Facebook Page, so make sure you give it a LIKE! and keep up with all the news and updates, including competitions coming soon :)

Butterfly surprise.....

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Well, it turns out that I have the best friends and boyfriend! Not that I didn't already know this, but i was seriously overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness the other day. A few weeks ago i was having a bit of artists block, feeling uncomfortable with my work and every artist knows the stress this can cause is awful. So! My boyfriend Tom and friend Amy set out to create some secretive plans to cheer me up and give me inspiration! Tom told me there was a surprise coming, but i had no idea Amy was involved, and for the weeks leading up to it I hounded her with 'What could it be?!?!' 'I'm so intrigued!!!' little did I know she was keeping her mouth zipped all along!! Anyhoo, then surprise was Butterfly World!!!! And anyone knowing my work knows this could possibly be the biggest inspiration and research source in the north east :)

It was such a lovely day and we all had a lovely time. The butterflies in there are absolutely breathtaking, it's such a good activity for kids and enthusiasts alike. The best thing is that they literally just fly around your head, usually having a cheeky mate or searching for a tasty flower to feed on! Not only that, but you have other things to look for, a cute little Quail running around your feet and tiny colourful exotic birds flapping above your head :) There are even a few meercats to 'Awww!' at!

The Koi there are beautiful and even come right up to have a little nibble on your fingers. 

I came out in such a good mood, full of inspiration and good feelings about my work so the whole day was definitely worth it. A little friend even came to sit on my head for a bit, which absolutely made my day!

After butterfly world, we had a good long walk along the grounds of Preston Park which was beautiful and very much Autumny, which i LOVE!! This gave me alot of inspiration and ideas on an upcoming photo shoot :)

Me, Tom and Amy. I really do feel lucky to have such thoughtful and lovely friends!


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I haven't updated in a while because i've been busy getting on with things and lets be honest, totally stressing ! But i guess thats part and parcel with the work i'm doing. I've been having loads of fun playing about with colours and designs and i really love the dusty pink teamed with the blues and greens below. So far i've almost finished two of my final designs and the next two are to be churned out soon enough! I have alot to do before the two weeks holidays for Easter, in which i will again have no life and be sat with my cats embroidering away watching Studio Ghibli films, but hey! I quite like it :)
I've also been getting into new techniques using the laser cutter and im really excited about the results i've been getting, so there will be an extra quirky element mixed into my final collection. Starting to get excited about the final exhibition but got a bit more to go before i can even start thinking about that.
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