Where to buy plants online and on the highstreet.

Rosie CassonComment

ROOT Houseplants

This store is where I found one of my favourite house plants - Peperomia Argyreia, or otherwise known as Peperomia Watermelon! I’d been after one of these plants for about two years and had so far never found one online or in a local store. Needless to say I jumped at the chance of getting to own one! At the time of my purchase I bought the plant from their EBay store, but they have since started selling on their own Website, so really it’s up to you on which selling platform you feel the most comfortable spending your money. 

The Peperomia Watermelon that I received was super healthy. It did have a few brown marks on some leaves but really that’s to be expected when you are sending plants through the post, and I was really impressed with the way they packaged it. 

Pilea   , Planter from TK Maxx.

Pilea, Planter from TK Maxx.

Geo Fleur

I bought my first ever Pilea Peperomioides from Geo Fleur! I bought it from their online store and at that time they were actually really hard to find anywhere either online or locally. Because of this, I paid a little more than necessary for my pilea, and if i’d waited just a few more months I would have probably been able to save a lot of money. Regardless of that, this was the first house plant i’d seen online and thought WOW I need one of those, and i’ve now had it for around 4 years! It’s turned into quite a bit of a monster and has produced baby after baby meaning that I’ve been able to give these away as gifts to friends and family, which kind of makes it worth the cost. I do think that Geo-Fleur can be a bit on the expensive side, but they are always incredibly healthy, well looked after and they also sometimes offer some quite rare plants. 


Online Baby Plants

This shop is probably my favourite plant store at the moment. I’ve ordered from them three times now (including one order specifically for making a little terrarium, which baby plants are perfect for!) and each time I’ve been incredibly impressed with both their packaging (sent in the post from outside the U.K) and the health of the plant. I also think it is SUCH good idea to sell baby house plants. This means that the cost is cheaper, making it more accessible to a wider range of people and then also it’s super exciting to watch a baby plant grow to maturity! A lot of the time house plants in stores are big when sold so it’s quite rare to see a plant grow from such a young age. I would definitely recommend Online Baby Plants to anyone looking to buy a less expensive but really cool plant. Their range is fantastic.

Bearpaw from Wilkos,    Planter.

Bearpaw from Wilkos, Planter.


So, Wilkos might be one of my favourite shops ever. It really does have everything you might need when you own a home! And my absolute favourite thing to do while in Wilkos is walk straight over to the gardening section. Not only do they have a lovely range of outdoor plants but they also have some surprising gems in their indoor plants section. My first ever Bear Paw succulent was bought for £1.00 in wilkos in a tiny pot! (I also managed to pick another bear paw - this time variegated - from wilkos at a later date so always worth a look!) As usual I’d been wanting one for AGES and they are still relatively hard to find online. If you are wanting to start (or add to) your collection with some easy going cacti and succulents then Wilkos is the place for you. They sell teeny 6cm pots with all kinds of different succulents ranging from £1.00-£1.50. 


This shop was recommended to me by the lovely Rachel Harrison from ONRshop (the QUEEN of plants!) I had been after a Raphidophora Tetrasperma for a while and noticed on one of Rachels plant tour videos that she had one and she kindly let me know that she had purchased hers from Araflora. I did not delay in getting my Tetrasperma ordered and considering they were based outside of the U.K I was again really impressed with both the health of the plant and the packaging that it came in. The plant was relatively young so I’ve been able to watch it grow and sprout new leaves which is so exciting. I’ve only purchased once from Araflora but I’ve got a bit of a wish list on there for the future, including some SERIOUSLY cool carnivorous plants that I’d never even heard of! 

Tetrasperma   , Planter from TK Maxx ,    Heart Patch   ,    Print.

Tetrasperma, Planter from TK Maxx , Heart Patch, Print.


EBay is a fantastic place for buying plants. Generally, if I see a plant that I like and want to look for online I will go to EBay first before anywhere else. There’s a huge range of shops on EBay that specialise in plants but then there’s also a lot of people who are simply plant enthusiasts selling their cuttings to other like minded plant hobbyists! Simply pop the species you are looking for in the search bar and see what comes up! 

Planter, Triostar from Morrisons.

Planter, Triostar from Morrisons.


So, we all know supermarkets have a floristry section and there usually a couple of your bog standard houseplants thrown into the mix (hello orchids!) but one supermarket that always surprises me is Morrisons! The amount of plant’s I’ve bought from here is amazing and at brilliant prices too. Off the top of my head I have so far found a huge Calathea Triostar, a gorgeous Calathea pinstripe, a 4 ft variegated rubber plant and a variegated umbrella plant - and that’s just to name a few! It is always worth a look in Morrisons flower and plant section to see what they have in store because sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised. 

Let me know what you think about this post, whether you’ve tried some of these shops yourself or especially if you have a store to add to the list!