Ready, Steady.....Knit!

Rosie Casson3 Comments

So this week i had the lovely opportunity to gatecrash one of King Crumpets 'We Knit!" Knitting clubs. I've worked with King Crumpet in the past and just love her passion for hand made craft and spreading the joys of DIY. I was able to snap a few photos of the group and the knitted work that Hannah (King Crumpet herself) presents and sells.

Image copyright to King Crumpet Craft Events

King Crumpet was established just over a year ago, and has already made a massive difference in the arts and crafts scene in Hartlepool.She's already given a load of local and independent traders opportunities that they have never had before in this small sea side town, and shown people how important it is to support your local and independent business'.

Hannah's Knitting club offers tutoring to all abilities in both knitting and crochet. Completely self taught, Hannah is one of the best and most skilled knitters i know for her age. Her work oozes cute and quirkiness. One thing that really struck me when peeping in on the knitting club was how well Hannah presented herself, and how confidently and passionately she spoke about the subject she was teaching. I immediately had confidence in her and knew that i if i had any problems with my knitting projects then she would know how to help, and if she didn't, she would definitely do her research and find out!

It was also really cool to see Hannah wearing one of my very own Rosebud Casson necklaces!!

So, down to the deets! It takes place at the Peoples Centre in Hartlepool, Raby Road. (for those of you that arent familiar, its the lovely big building just over the road from Morrisons, right next to the Town Hall and Police station.) The knitting club is £5 a session, each session is 2 hours from 7pm to 9pm. It started off as the first Thursday of every month (as mentioned on the flyer above) but due to popular demand this has been boomphed up to every first and third Thursday starting from May! Right, I know what you are thinking. What do i get for my fiver? Well hang on ladies and gents, i'm about to tell you!

For your measly little fiver, you get the chance to have group discussions about knitting projects and tips/techniques (and also a good natter about everything under the sun with fellow likeminded people!), knitting ideas and handouts to use and take home with you, guaranteed one to one time with the amazing King Crumpet herself (as well as one or two other incredibly experienced knitters) delicious cake and as many cuppas as your heart desires (who can do crafting without a good steaming cup of tea in front of you!?) and all the materials to get you started including knitting needles and yarn. How AMAZING is that?!?!? Its an absolute bargain. 

Not only that, but there will be many opportunities to take part in projects, exhibiting work, trading at craft fairs and shows and also organizing and taking part in Charity Drives to raise money for various local charities. From just sitting in on one session it already sounds like they have a load of exciting ideas just bursting at the seams and waiting to be taken on!  

All abilities are welcome to the knitting club, and so far there have been a couple of attendees who had absolutely zero experience with knitting, but are now well on their way to feeling comfortable around a few knitting needles! The group seemed like a lovely and friendly bunch and i could tell they all totally loved coming to the club, so no wonder they were begging Hannah to put it up to twice a month!!

For any more information, enquiries, commissions or just to take a nosy at Hannahs other work and events, check out these links!!!