Hey Hey!

Rosie CassonComment
Hey hey! 

Just a quick update on what i've been up to recently! The weekend just gone was a lovely loooong weekend (off from the day job from Friday to Monday!!) so we made the most of it and went on lots of sunny walks. It's so nice to get outside in the fresh air!!! We went up to Lord Stones on Saturday and it was beaaaaauuuuutiful!! I'd never been before but i would DEFINITELY go again! And they had the cutest little gift shop (bagged myself some lovely green tea with pomegranate :D)
Got some lovely photos too, it's been great to practice with my camera :) Here's my favourite photo of Tom and his Dad, Arnie.

In other news! My etsy is once again stocked full of goodies! Including some more of the Super Sale Lucky Dip boxes, which i've decided to keep on because of how popular they are :) Wooo! Check it out HERE!