Super Sale!!

Rosie CassonComment

Hello all! What a lovely week its been! This week i've had a few days off to spend some time with my family that have been visiting from Ilfracombe, North Devon :) It's been awesome! 
In addition, to celebrate this lovely week i've decided to put on the biggest sale YET at Rosebud Casson! Okay, okay, there are other reasons too ;)
I've got so many ideas coming out of my ears, nose etc etc..... So i thought what better than a spring clean?! Make way for some new exciting stock with a mass sale of the old stuff. 
I am offering over FIFTY POUNDS worth of stock for just TWENTY POUNDS!!!! Thats right!!! Can't get much better than that ;)
Click on the banner below to get to my etsy shop and check out those awesome super sale boxes!!!!