Introducing Guest Blogger Annie Walker!

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Hello Guys! And welcome to 2015! Isn't it crazy how time flies ey? I can't believe how quickly this year has gone. It won't even be long until will have been up for a whole year! Eek! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and fab New Year, and are recovering from all the festivities. I've had a lovely time, which may explain why i've been so quiet on here (sorry!!!!)

So anyway, 2015 bring lovely new things to Rosebud Casson, the first being a lovely lady named Annie Walker! Please let me introduce you to my new guest blogger, who will be guest blogging once a month :) 

Hi guys! My name is Annie and as a few of you may know Rosie has been on the hunt for guest bloggers. As one of them (yay!), I thought it best to introduce myself and explain a little about what I'll be blogging about! Currently I'm studying textiles and surface design at CCAD Hartlepool, so it's a no brainer that majority of my posts will revolve around beautiful design and my biggest inspirations for the work I create! I'm a real foodie too so there's a definite possibility of a recipe or two creeping in there somewhere, mostly sweet treats! I have a travel blog where I do reviews of whole holiday packages, transport, touristy things, restaurants and cool places to visit and am in the process of editing my blog on my own work so I am looking forward to introducing you all to them! And I'm in the process of learning to knit and crochet as well so look forward to updates on how that's going, yarns to use, the best YouTube tutorials and so on! I will warn you it is not easy to knit or crochet at first and I've had my fair share of temper tantrums about it, it's only natural after all! I'm also really open to constructive criticism and feedback and always appreciate it as writing is something I'm passionate about anyway, so any comments will be appreciated and taken into consideration!
But overall I hope you all like my posts!

Own Photograph- The Bowes Museum- 20-12-2014
So, I've decided to do my first post on an exhibition I recently visited and it has become by far one of the most stunning exhibitions I have visited so far. Although I study textiles and fashion is a big part of the course, I've never really been able to sink my mind into it. I much prefer interiors, gift and stationery. Although I might have had my mind changed a little. The Bowes Museum have an exhibition on called 'Birds of Paradise- Plumes and Feathers in Fashion', it's running until 19th April 2015 so there's still plenty of time to visit and I would recommend highly that if you like that kind of thing, you will love it!
Just in case you are going to visit, I'll try not to use too many photographs as I'd hate to ruin the surprise! You can view beautiful pieces from designers like Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler and Gucci. It's not so much fashion, but wearable art, I personally think it's too extravagant (in a fabulous way!) and just amazing to be classed as just fashion. There are also head pieces, fans, bags and shoes and the clue is in the name in the fact that they all include feathers of some sort!

Own Photograph- The Bowes Museum- 20-12-2014

Own Photograph- The Bowes Museum- 20-12-2014
I have to admit, when I first heard about the exhibition I didn't think much of it because it was described as just plain old feathers and let's face it, how many times have feathers been done and feathers been boring?! So, upon visiting, I was amazed, the quality and intricacy of each and every one of the pieces was so well executed. And if you love embroidery and embellishment, you'll like this exhibition as well!
This is one definitely worth a visit.
To complement the visit you can purchase some lovely little things from the Museum shop, or gifts if there's a special occasion coming up! The café do an amazing afternoon tea for two as well. I had my first afternoon tea in the café and it was just fabulous, look forward Tia sugar rush!

To find out more about the exhibition you can visit the Bowes Museum website- 
Admission Prices
Adults- £9.50
Concessions- £8.50
With a student card- £5.00
Under 16's- Free

I hope I have enticed all of you enough to go give this one a visit and I really hope you all enjoyed my first post. I’ll look forward to hearing any feedback and whether you decided to visit! Happy New Year guys, bye for now!