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Hello! and Happy New Year from Rosebud Casson.

It seems i have been severely neglecting my blog! This year we have seen a brilliant post from guest blogger Annie Walker, but it's about time i got off my lazy butt and wrote some news myself ;)

Looking back on the last year on my blog....

It's been a crazy few months. I have been on some adventures, caught up with old friends, hung out with new friends, had an AMAZING time over the festive season and have welcomed the new year with a smile. It's been so fun! 

In November we paid a visit to our beautiful and local Cod Beck, Osmotherly. It was so good to get out into nature and breathe in the fresh air. Living in a town or a city you can forget how beautiful and refreshing nature actually is! It's so good for the soul! In 2015 i am going to try my hardest to really make an effort to get out more with nothing but the fresh air around me and my camera around my neck. And maybe a little tasty picnic to take along too ;) It can be so calming and inspiring to just get out of the hustle and bustle of every day life and just get into the stix for a good hearty walk!

I've also tried to take as many photos as i could last year, but i must admit there was a point when i completely forgot that i had my camera at all! So this year is going to be the year of the photo ;) I want to really update my self taught skills with my camera and use it to the best of my ability. I just want to learn so much more about my camera and collect some visually delicious memories along the way!!

Here are the first photographs i've taken in 2015!

These were from a lovely day in York, catching up with one of my bestest and oldest friends. I was playing about with my 50mm lens, and i just loved those light shades in The Evil Eye in York!!!