Rosie CassonComment
Meet Indie. A very recent member of our family :) Indie is a dog my dad took in at three years old after the owners couldn't look after it anymore (full time jobs and not enough space). She was incredibly loved and i can't imagine how hard it must have been to hand her over to a new owner, although it was the best thing for her. She now lives with my dad, and they are already like two peas in a pod! She's such a beautiful, good natured and well behaved dog, and it's lovely to see how good she and my dad are for eachother. 
I took this photo on our weekly Sunday trip to North Gare, her favourite walk of the week! 

In other news..............MY WEBSITE IS BACK ONLINE!!!

I am extremely pleased to announce my website is once again live, with a brand new Etsy shop to make it easy to purchase all of those early christmas presents ;)