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So, as the night are getting darker and ever so slightly cooler (i must get my hands on a new winter coat and a heater before i freeeeeeze to death!! teehee) i've found myself becoming ever so slightly.....less motivated. 

I am the type of person who feel energised, motivated and rearing to go when the sun is blazing! And when it is dark early nights....i get a little bit too comfortable with whichever book i'm reading and a steaming mug of green tea. This is not on! I must get my bum in gear! 

So. My little workspace isn't exactly what i hoped it would be, but its good enough. Due to space issues where i am currently i only have a very limited amount of space to work in, but this doesn't stop me from doing my best :) I surprised myself last winter, and i was really proud of myself for the amount of work i got done, especially leading up to my collection launch at the SEWN Exhibition, hosted by King Crumpet. 

Therefore, this year - i will do even better! It has however, got me dreaming of how my studio will be when i finally get a whole room to do whatever i please with :) The possibilities are endless and i love to day dream about my very own print table, sewing spot etc!! This got me research a wee bit on Pinterest, and i thought i'd share some of my favourites with you, to get you inspired about your own creative spaces!!!

I love the simple white and the splashes of colour to this summery space. What better way to get you motivated than bright colours and quirky bits and bobs?
I REALLY love the simplicity of this one. Typically, i am quite a cluttered person and like things to be all over the place and bursting at the seams, but i really love this workspace at OH NO RACHIO!'S studio! Plants are so important to me as well. There have even been studies to show that people in a workplace filled with plants actually work better than those who are in workplaces without them!
Now this work space is definitely more 'me'. I am a big fan of inspiring and creative imagery, and i LOVE stationary!  
Again, lots of simple white walls and then a big feature wall, covered from head to toe in inspiring artists, colours, shapes....anything that makes you smile!!