Victorija's Illustrations!

Rosie CassonComment
In today's blogpost i would love to show off the work of the incredibly talented Victorija from AndSmile! I found her work a year or two ago, and immediately fell in love with her quirky illustrations. As soon as i saw her Frida Kahlo necklace (pictured below, uploaded a looong time ago onto my instagram!) i HAD to have it! I still absolutely love it to this day :)

Her illustrations are amazing. So fun, lovely and can make anyone smile. From famous heroes such as David Bowie to beloved characters from various Wes Anderson films, there is something for everybody within her work.

I've been following her Instagram religiously since I found her wonderful Frida, and had noticed a couple of commissioned portraits she had done for various people. I LOVED them! It got me to thinking how awesome it would be if i got one for my partner as a i did! I wanted to make it really personal, so i asked her to include our two cats, and our other cat that we lost a couple of months ago in July :) And she did it perfectly!

Even her logo is simple yet beautiful :)

I was so so happy with the results, and even happier with how much my partner loved it too. She got drew our cats so perfectly and i am so glad we could still include our lovely tiger in it too. 

Please check out Victorijas work through her  WEBSITE!