The Wind Rises.

Rosie CassonComment

So anyone who knows me, knows that i have a big big passion for animation, and in particular - Hayao Miyazaki. I was heartbroken when i found out Miyazaki was retiring with his last film, "The Wind Rises", but then realised...who am i to be heart broken! This man has given me so much with his films, and for that i am grateful. I can't even imagine how stressful and demanding the animation industry is, and to achieve greatness with such grace is just amazing. I can think of no other artist or writer that has come close (in my eyes) to the beauty that is Miyazaki's film collection. The morals and values behind every story are so pure and beautiful, and there is something for both adults and children. The artwork and sound is literally breathtaking.

The above still is from his newest feature length film, The Wind Rises. This film is completely different from all his previous films. Instead of exploring the world of demons, magic and spirits, this film has a more serious and realistic note, based on a true story of a young, gifted airplane engineer, Jirô Horikoshi, that dedicated his life to his biggest passion. 

I didn't get to see this film at the cinema, the same as all of his other films (alot of them were made before i was even born!) and i wish i had. It would have been absolutely stunning on the big screen! I did however order the collectors edition and then awaited its arrival.....nervously!!
I was really apprehensive before i watched it. would it live up to Miyazakis standards....?

Of course it would! In one word, it was perfect. And for his last feature length film, i could not ask for anything more.Thank you Miyazaki, for bringing this beauty into my world :)

I seriously, SERIOUSLY suggest, if you haven't already, that you watch at least one of his films. Whether you want to sit down with your little ones and enjoy a heart warming family film then go for My Neighbour Tororo, or Ponyo. Or if you want to watch something a bit more thrilling and grown up, i suggest Princess Monoke or Howls Moving Castle. And i promise you - you won't be able to stop there!!