Memory Lane..

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So, feeling inspired after reading a recent post by A Beautiful Mess (you can find this post HERE) on 10 reasons to give Scrapbooking a chance, I wanted to show off my own scrapbooks that i have compiled over the years. I started my first when i was 13 (now 22) and i am just about to finish my fifth. Of course there were times when i didn't scrapbook for months, and where i scrapbooked about four times a week! One scrapbook may have the time scale of two years, and another scrapbook may have the time scale of 6 months. There are no rules, no just have to do what you want! Make it your own. Look back on your memories and watch your own artistic style grow and change just like you do. I really believe Scrapbooking is therapeutic - it's definitely gotten me through a few rocky stages in the past and what is better than walking down memory lane for that good old feeling of nostalgia!?

So here they are, a little look into the personal life of Rosebud Casson growing up! I hope it will inspire and encourage you to make your own memories :)

Scrapbook No.1!
This little guy was a photo album from W H Smiths. It is totally falling to pieces as i started this one when i was 13 to 14. As you can see, i wasn't really aware of any style, and still very much finding my feet with scrapbooking! I'd never known scrapbooking was really a 'thing' at this point, and really just wanted somewhere to keep all my photos in an unstructured and not very 'photo album' way.

Scrapbook No.2!
This was another WH Smith find, and was intended to be one of those photo albums where you slip the photos in. I just ripped out the celophane pockets and stuck straight down onto the card! I started to be a bit more experimental with this one, finding and using all sorts of things to use as grounds etc. I'd even photocopy things i like (prints on a bag or dress) and use these as grounds. Also started using wrapping papers and things like tickets and arm bands for festivals to stick in there, I was a big fan of masking tape as well!!

Scrapbook No.3!
Pushing the boat out a bit, this was a photo album from Wilkinsons ;) I liked the way it had a window in the front so i stuck one of my favourite photos i've taken (seagulls at the park, taken on 35mm Diana F+) in there. I also tried to include some quotes that i found inspirational in here, starting with the Franz Kafka you can see here on the first page. I'd collected hand made birthday cards people had made me and gig tickets to pad this one out a bit. I even ripped a few nice pages from things like Cath Kidston catalogs to use as grounds.

Scrapbook No.4!
This one is now just a pile of sheets i need to get bound or wrapped. I had struggled with it for a while and i hated it. I'd gotten a kraft sketchbook from Paperchase and although i love those books and their paper, i just couldn't make it work. I'd also messed up a few pages, went through a break up, met someone new etc...and it just wasn't working. I didn't scrapbook for a long time just because i didnt like the book! And one day i thought, why am i doing this! Whats wrong with ripping out the few pages you do like and making a whole new book! I'd been holding back because i thought once i had done something i had to keep it, but like i said before, there are no rules. If theres something you don't like, scrap it (no pun intended!) and start again, thats the beauty of it :)

Scrapbook No.5!
And here we are to today :) This is my newest and most recent scrapbook, and i think my favourite, although that changes with my mood. I got a massive Scrapbook from Paperchase (this is actually the first book i have that was intended for scrapbooking purposes!) and i love it. It's MASSIVE! Much bigger scale than i have used in the past. It's allowed me to use bigger photos and grounds. In this one i got some of my instagram photos printed and then normal every day pics. I think my style has become alot cleaner than it has been in the older scrapbooks! The difference between this and my first is really interesting to see! I have about five pages left and then its time to start the delicious hunt for a new book!!!