Rosie CassonComment
This week i am desperately trying to get back on track with the areas that i have slacked over the past few weeks. I've got a to do list as tall as me! But i love getting organized again and knowing exactly where i stand and what i need to do :)

I did get some down time this weekend, and spent the night at one of my favourite ladies abode. We just caught up, had a few drinks and had a laugh. The next morning we got up and tested out my new 50mm lens (my baby!) and I took a few shots of Emily. I still have ALOT to learn about making the most of this new lens that i have pretty much zero knowledge on! But it's fun testing things out, and Emily is a professional model so its really nice working with her - besides the fact we are best friends of course ;)

Here are a couple of shots, and i even caught a beautiful image of her laughing wearing the Rosebud Casson Sea Urchin studs! So a productive day all round :)