Rosie CassonComment
When i see good illustration, something lights up inside of me. It's the same with animation. The possibilities are endless. Whether its a doodle of a mischievous black cat or an intricately painted young girl, looking up intensely at a shining moon in the starry sky. There is just something so beautiful about your imagination coming to life, your deepest thoughts, feelings, desires....manifesting themselves on the piece of paper in front of you. And the emotions that others can feel when looking at an artists work. It's just lovely!

I would like to use this post to share with you some illustrations that have really caught my eye recently, and made me stop and study their beauty. 

"People Standing" Artist - Aoki Tetsuo

Artist - Hayao Miyazaki from Laputa, Castle in the Sky.
Unknown Artist - Original Link
Artist - Rich Kelly
Artist - Franz Falckenhaus
Artist Unknown, Original Link -
Artist Unkown  - Original Link

Looking at these artists work is so inspiring and exciting, as they are so individual and different but can conjure up similar emotions. I am making a promise to myself to pick up my pencil again and start doodling!!!!