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I have, again, been neglecting my blog!! I've felt a little uninspired lately, but delving into some beautiful magazines and browsing through a few lovely blogs I have finally got my spark back. I recently ordered my newest catalogue for the Spring/Summer Collection, and looking through that made me realise how far i've come and how much hard work i have put in in such a short space of time. It feels good! Between launching my very own website and exhibiting some detailed embroidery work at the SEWN Exhibition, i have had a hectic few months. Now i think its time to dig my heels in, slow down a little bit and enjoy, appreciate and love what i have around me. As cheeesy as that sounds ;)

Our lovely model Emily Scott getting a sneak peek of herself in the newest catalogue :)

Currently saving up to buy our own house, i've been concentrating on decoration, home accessories and interiors, and i think i've found a new passion! It's amazing looking at all the creative ideas and DIY and i can't wait to get stuck in. It's given me lots of new inspiration even within my own work so keep your peepers open for some new directions in the future :)

I'm also excited to reveal my new collection of Postcards! It's something i've always wanted to get into, and i thought using my photographs from the collections would be a good place to start. 

Anyhoo, to wrap it all up, i just wanted to say I haven't forgot about my blog! I'm actually looking forward to using it more and more and venturing out into some more blogging styles :)