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Unfortunately today, i woke up with a pesky virus! Second one in as many weeks...i'm not a fan of my immune system! Our plans were originally to go on a long walk up Rosebery Topping, a hill just on the outskirts of our town. I very much doubt, however, that i could even get halfway up feeling like this, so we have decided to delay our trip until further notice. To be honest i was having reservations about being able to get to the top in one piece anyway ha! But you don't know until you try eh :) (the last time i did this hill was ten years ago, so not massively confident in my fitness abilities these days....)

Anyhoo, we have settled on a slow, gentle walk along the beach, and maybe even pick up a banana flavoured ice cream. Seems that the sun lotion won't go to waste!
Until then! I am taking the opportunity to get a quick blog in to show you whats been inspiring me lately.

My boyfriend and I are saving up to buy our own place, and it is going to take a long while yet until we will have a comfortable deposit to play with - So! I have been keeping my self occupied, and also motivated in the saving plan, by researching interiors and decor! I've absolutely loved looking through Pinterest. Some people have the most beautiful homes!
I love this idea of having a busy wall - i absolutely love illustration and already have a collection of prints tucked away ready to be framed for our new home. I can't think of a better way to show off lovely art work than having a nice clean, bright white wall with lovely frames dotted across it. I think it definitely gives the room character, and gives your guest something to look at! It can also be a glimpse into your taste, and sometimes a quite intimate look into your feelings and outlook on life - depending on the type of art that appeals to you and you choose to display.

I'm also a big fan of the lowness of it all. Low bookshelves and dvd shelves seems to make the room seem bigger and more spacious.
I really like this interesting approach to displaying frames - on a table lent against the wall.

I love the wood flooring in this room. I'm a big fan of any hard wood flooring - not so keen on laminate however. I really like the business of the shelves in this one. With mine and Tom's ever growing book collection, we are going to need something like this to keep them from popping at the seams!
I think the main theme throughout the house would be nice plain white walls, and then splashes of colour would be added with accessories. Pots, pans, cushions, ornaments, throws.....

Beautiful kitchen ware adding a splash of excitement in a plain white setting!  

I've always loved the idea of having a low table, with floor cushions dotted about to create an intimate dining experience. I would definitely have a big solid table and chairs in my dining room for more formal and dinner party occasions, but would love to be able to sit around a low table to chat and eat good food.  
Obviously, being the creative self i am, i will need space! I DREAM of having my own studio one day to be able to work in from home, and carry on my own little business. Something like this would be ideal - busy walls bursting with inspiration, plenty of table space for both sewing machines and screen printing. At the minute my work space is very limited, so having somewhere i can breathe and comfortably work is the most important thing for the near future.

The one thing i am mainly looking forward to is the whole DIY aspect of owning your own home. I can't wait to experiment  with creative ideas to make our home our own, and to go off foraging for lovely things to upcycle!

I will have to end this post now, as it's getting on a bit and there is some sunshine to see! But if you would like to see any more of my home inspiration then check out my PINTEREST and click on the Decor board :)

Au revoir!