Rosie CassonComment
So, last weekend i got my Creative Team together and we got working on taking some beautiful imagery for my new up and coming website! I'm wonderfully lucky to know people who are so talented in so many different fields that can help me with my work. This weekend included Charlotte Greig as photographer, Emily Scott and the beautiful model and Abby Frew sharing her expertise on hair and make up. After days and days of rain and general gloom, the day we had scheduled turned out to be amazingly gorgeous! The sun was shining and not a drop of rain in site! We'd had this day planned for a couple of week and had no idea what the weather was going to turn out like, so we ended up being very lucky.

It was a bit nerve racking for me as i hadn't shown anyone the newest collection yet, and the feedback i got off my team was lovely. It's nice to hear good things about the work i've been slaving over recently, as i've been focusing on it so much i just can't see how it actually looks anymore! 

Although it was lovely and sunny, the wind was certainly making an appearance. My poor model Emily was freezing, but she remained incredibly professional and didn't whinge once. I did feel very very sorry for her! I took part in the photography myself as well as Charlotte, as i want to be involved with as much as i can when it comes to my work. I can be quite particular and i know what i want! However, the photography was mainly done by the talented Charlotte Greig, and i couldn't be happier with the results. It's been so exciting looking through and sorting out the photographs for the new collection and i can't wait for you all to see it!!

To be one of the first to see my brand new spring collection, make sure you come to the SEWN Exhibition presented by King Crumpet Events where i myself am exhibiting brand new work!
However, if you can't wait till then for Rosebud Casson, don't forget my very own website is launched on MARCH 1st! Where my Autumn Collection will be available to browse and purchase :)