Catch Up!

Rosie CassonComment

Well, i've had a nice bit of time off and been getting extra shifts in my part time job to save up for my trip to work with Poppy Treffry!!(its getting close, i cant decide whether i am excited or nervous!) I've been naughty while i've been off and found myself being lazy when it came to getting back into design. To combat this however, i've began a little challenge for myself which consists of 1 sketch a day. I've actually been really enjoying it and the main mistake i make is not drawing for a long period of time and then it takes me ages to get back into it again. I have no idea why i do this as i absolutely LOVE drawing and when i get into the swing of things i look forward to sitting for an hour or so with my pencil and sketchpad. Anyhoo below there a few images of the sketches i've been doing this week. 
Having this time off has also allowed me to catch up in my scrapbooks (i hadnt updated since before christmas!!) and i love my scrapbooks so much. I first started them when i was about 13 and i've continued them right on through to now (i'm 21) and i dont intend to stop any time soon! I also had a chance to make some birthday cards for my boyfriend and his twin sister last weekend and i loved this so i may take this further - watch this space :)