Nosing about...once again!

Rosie CassonComment
Well as usual, i've been taking part in my usual pass time...nosing about! I've found some really cool blogs recently and they have all been from looking at the 'Wedding' section on etsy and looking at the real weddings. Now, i am not planning on getting married any time soon!! But the photographs and ideas on this section are so beautiful and inspiring its worth a look. All the weddings are always extremely creative and it's really fun looking through the different ideas and concepts behind peoples weddings. And of course, i'm a lover of fashion and all things creative so the dresses and hand made decorations at these weddings are like a dream come true !

I found a really lovely website through looking at an artists wedding, called Oliver's and Abraham's (which i think is named after their lovely Alpaca's :) Check out their website at and she also sells her illustrations on etsy, link on her website :)

Another thing i found was this dress!! It's the most beautiful (in my opinion) dress i have ever seen and the detail and intricacy is just lovely. It's so simple and yet elegant, so i thought i would include this on my blog too and promote it in case any wedding planners stumble across my little old blog and fall in love with it like i did!!
You can visit the designers etsy shop here :