Rosie Casson2 Comments
I was looking through my old photographs on facebook (cringe!) and found these ones! I took these with my 35 mm Pentax when i was in college about 4 years ago and totally forgot about them. I really like the old quality and the black and white, and it really reflects the work i was doing at the time. I was doing a project about life in the undergrowth and i was really into my oil pastels and then stitching back into my drawing sheets with the sewing machine. The top photograph is of a stencil i was working on and that is when i got my first taste of screenprinting!!
 I really miss college, and I still say it was the best two years of my life! As i decided to go to a college in a different town than my own i met some people that i would never have had the oppurtunity to meet otherwise, and they are still my best friends now :)

If i find any work from my time at ND Design Crafts i will post some so you can see how far my work has developed. I was really proud of the work i did in college and i left with a triple Distinction and a scholarship fund to go onto FdA Contemporary Textile Practise, but looking back at the work now does make me think....what was i thinking!!