The Pencil Company

Rosie CassonComment
Recently i got in touch with Derwent Pencils, enquiring about the possibility of any help they could give me towards the Final Major Project of my degree. They were wonderfully helpful and polite, and have actually sent me some materials to help the the visual communication and design development! I am over the moon with what they have sent me and really appreciate them even getting back to me in the first place :)  I have used derwent pencils in the past and love the quality of the products they make. It's the first sponsorship i have had and i am really really excited to start drawing and testing out my new materials! Once again, i would like to say thank you to the company for being so generous and I will put some images up as soon as i start experimenting with my drawings :D

If you would like to check out what medias Derwent Pencils offer, visit their website at