Rosie CassonComment
Once again i've been snooping about on Etsy, mainly looking at textiles within clothes and i found this beautiful dress ! The whole shop is full of wonderful items, really inspirational when looking into textiles. Everything is made to size, and it only takes her an amazing 1-2 weeks to finish! Seems a bit too good to be true, but if the end product is anything like the photograph i would certainly be over the moon!

"The DREAM-ERS line was started by Yanique, who quit her tenured once dream career where she was a manager for CHANEL, to start this line. It is her way of aligning her passion, heart and soul to pursue and conquer her dreams. She commits to keeping her prices affordable by not taking the wholesale route, and to keep quality always high, by only making locally in the US. Working for CHANEL, the ultimate symbol of quality and style, was a formidable force in shaping Yanique's own style, and this can be seen in the DREAM-ERS line, where fit, quality, and style is evident."

Check out the shop here !