Minor Project

Rosie CassonComment
I've been working hard on the design development for my bags, and i've came up with a few sample layouts, and then in the end my final one. I've been sampling all week, which i've actually found really difficult, using different techniques such as screenprinting, painting with pastes, machine embroidery and hand embroidery. I still can't seem to get it just how i want it but i think i'm starting to finally get some where!

I've also been getting really excited about the packaging that i want to go with my purses. This weekend i am hoping to test some layouts for gift boxes, and i am looking forward to playing around with the aesthetic qualities of this, but i wont say much more there! Anyhoo, i thought i would put a picture of some embroidery up on here, I would really appreciate any thoughts or feedback, might give me a bit of much needed help!