Long time no post

Rosie CassonComment
It's been a while since i posted, what with a (stressful) start to third year! It's quite daunting, and i cant quite believe it has come round this fast (!) but its a new start and im determined to do the best as i can. My aim (as probably so is everybody elses) is end the year with a BOOM and gain a First in my Honours Degree. Although this aim probably isnt...whats the word im looking for...realistic! i would certainly like to end it with a 2:1. SO! in order to acheive this it is work work work for me. This year i feel incredibly motivated and in the previous projects, even I feel that i didnt put my all into it but still acheived quite good results in both my practical and written based work (except that damn essay i did about propaganda during world war II, that was hard!!), therefore i am determined to i am going to do exceedingly good!! My good friend Hannah, a fellow Harry Potter geek, would probably insist i work towards 'Exceeds Expectations' or 'Outstanding' (haha).
I dont have much new work photographed so I havent got much to post today but i will try and keep it updated. I'm much more excited for the practical side of things (getting stuck into the actual surface design! Embroidery, Printing, Painting straight onto fabric, Machine stitch, Applique (including shadow applique) and the list goes on. When i start the design development i will probably update this much more with photographs as i go along because i can imagine i am going to be much more pleased with the results than with my basic drawings! Anyhoo, instead of boring you poor souls i will leave you with a new image of a small basic line drawing of a sea urchin, on a painted background with Brusho (my favourite media at the minute!!)