Rosie CassonComment
Last night i attended a group called ClubZine. It was the first session and it was really fun! We basically got to know what a 'zine' is, how they are made, why they are made, what is in them and how do they circulate. The session was three hours long and basically for the first six weeks of the course we are working in groups making a zine together and then after that we are going to spend six weeks on our own individual zines (which i am really excited about!!) I really enjoyed it which was a nice surprise because i was a bit apprehensive about going at first, i didnt know anhyone else that was going and im not the most skilled when it comes to making new friends but i met some really nice people and we came up for some really cool ideas for our first zine :) So! watch this space for any upcoming work i put up from the zines and if anyone has any zines of their own i would love to see them :) I've included some websites at the bottom of the page to introduce you to the overall theme of a zine!