Badge it!

Rosie CassonComment
Hello! Yes, yet another blog post today...
I'm just really excited about badges!! I've been thinking about packaging to go alongside my purses, as i said in the previous post, and i've got loads of ideas on how to present my products if they ever sell. I've decided to have a look at some little quirky bits and bobs to go with them as a sort of thankyou note for buying them, and i thought what better than a cute badge! So i drew some urchins out on my koda trace and printed them onto twill wool with a pigment dye (1tsp turquoise and half a tsp of white). I've always had a thing for badges, i have a cork board at home full of badges bearing all my favourite bands,writers,artists, and i've always loved fabric badges that companys such as Poppy Treffry make and thought i would give it a go! So i've included a couple of pictures (one of them featuring me, looking pretty pleased with myself indeed!). Bearing in mind this is only a test badge, and i have lots more ideas for designs and so on :)