Rosie CassonComment
Today i have mainly just been painting, sketching, bleaching ect! Trying to build up my collections of drawings so i will have loads of different oppurtunities when it comes to the design development. I've been using Brusho as ink today which is not something i usually do. In the past ive only used it to create wacky colourful backgrounds on paper or fabric but it was nice to be able to achieve shades of colour that i wouldn't usually be able to get with my drawing inks and magic colours. Bit messy like! Plus the brusho bleaces out brilliantly and gives a really nice effect :) To aid me in my work today i have carefully chosen three albums. Portishead - Dummy, Ben Howard - Every Kingdom and Radiohead - In Rainbows. They are working pretty well so far!

Sneak Peak!

Cath Kidston egg cup makes a trusty ink pot!