Another Clasp?!

Rosie CassonComment
Even though after the last project, i swore i would never look at another bag or purse clasp again, they have drawn me back in! Only this time i am opting for a simpler glue in type of clasp. The last one was a sew in one, and i have never found anything more stressful in my life! Why i chose that type in the first place still befuddles me. I always seem to like to make life hard for myself. However!! Browsing about on etsy (as usual) i found these incredibly cute 2 3/4 inch purse frames :D So! Yet another thing to add to the list, but i have a feeling its going to be fun messing around and making cute purses to go along side my other products. Watch this space for more development ! And check out this etsy shop if you are interested in making bags/purses, they have all you need to get you started !