Rosie CassonComment
Completed a Fashion Accessory project based on the theme 'Serenity'.
Decided to go with a sort of ethereal feel when it came to my drawing sets. Focussing on the colours black, green and blue i produced a series of paintings of flowers and insects. In the end I produced an evening bag with a clasp, everything is made from scratch, all fabrics are hand dyed with acid dyes and embroidered by anchor threads using hand and machine techniques. The clasp was pre-bought from, and what a faff on that was to attach ! To go along side it i made an accessory neck piece, however i wasnt any where near as pleased with this as i was the bag !
Painting of a Mayfly, drawing ink and watercolour

Painting of a Mayfly 2, drawing ink and watercolour

Painting of a beetle, drawing ink and oil pastels

Hand painted flowers onto natural wool, acid dye pastes.

Hand Embroidered flower
Hand painted flowers cut out and embroidered for accessory piece.

Embroidered Mayfly, both hand and machine.

Hand painted beetle, using dye pastes on to wool.

Machine embroidered detail on Beetle

placement for accessory piece, without beetle.

Bag, Accessory Piece and painting displayed in the glass case.