Happy Caturday!

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So i was just about to pack up for the night when my cat Suzie decided to strike this amazingly cute pose!!! HAD to take some photos of her beautiful little self and upload them - so sorry (notsorry) for the cat spam :) Say hello to Suze, and those paws!!!


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This week i am desperately trying to get back on track with the areas that i have slacked over the past few weeks. I've got a to do list as tall as me! But i love getting organized again and knowing exactly where i stand and what i need to do :)

I did get some down time this weekend, and spent the night at one of my favourite ladies abode. We just caught up, had a few drinks and had a laugh. The next morning we got up and tested out my new 50mm lens (my baby!) and I took a few shots of Emily. I still have ALOT to learn about making the most of this new lens that i have pretty much zero knowledge on! But it's fun testing things out, and Emily is a professional model so its really nice working with her - besides the fact we are best friends of course ;)

Here are a couple of shots, and i even caught a beautiful image of her laughing wearing the Rosebud Casson Sea Urchin studs! So a productive day all round :)

40 years a slave....

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Once again, i have let my posts slip and have neglected my poor little blog, i have however been really busy! (i know i know i can hear you thinking 'Excuses Excuses!!') but between working and the mountains of plans we seemed to dive straight into we have been very busy bodies indeed! 

Anyhoo, to get back on point.....Recently we went to Keswick to celebrate a gorgeous couples 40th wedding anniversary. I wanted to get something really special for them to remember the event by and had only just seen that my good friend Jess had started engraving glass! Any shape of form, you name it! So i thought, what could be more personal than personalised engraved wine glasses?!

So i drew out the design i wanted (added a couple of my own trademark creepy crawlies) and Jess intricately engraved them on two beautiful wine glasses for me. I love them! (and so did the couple thankfully!) If you are interested in your own engravings wether its for a thoughtful gift or something for yourself, get in touch with Jess HERE.

Here are a couple more snaps from the night of celebrations....

Pooley Bridge

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So this weekend we had a short but beautiful trip to the lakes district! It was so refreshing to see some good old hills and some awe inspiring lakes. It really does take your breath away when you see the picturesque views. My only let down was i wish we were there for longer! I would seriously LOVE to live somewhere in the countryside with the water and hills on my doorstep. Maybe one day :) It was also a great chance to spend time with all the kids and see how much they love being free and active! Here are some of the pics I took along the way :)

Daniel Buren.

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After an amazing night on Sunday at Think Tank in Newcastle (getting to meet and see perform one of my biggest musical heroes Jonah Matranga - totally magic!!) we thought we would make the most of the next day, wandering around Newcastle and visiting some exhibitions. We went to see the Gunther Von Hagens exhibition at the Life centre, and it totally blew my mind! Walking around i felt all kind of emotions, including sadness, awe and excitement. I really was fabulous and i would encourage anybody to go! Unfortunately there was no photography allowed, so the only way to see it is get your lovely bums in gear and go see it :)

On our travels we popping in the Baltic (as one MUST if one is in Newcastle! - even just to pine after the beautiful Rob Ryan products in the gift shop....) and we stumbled across this exhibition from Daniel Buren. It was so so beautiful! I took photos in this one, and i hope they do the exhibition justice. I didn't edit these photographs one single bit, they are straight from my camera to blog, as i think the natural colours speak for themselves :)

King Crumpet Art Fair!

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So, i recently took part in King Crumpets latest event, Art Fair! At Christ Church, Church Square, Hartlepool. As always it was loads of fun and was great to catch up with like minded arty peeps! I took it as an opportunity to get some pics of some of the lovely ladies work, to try and promote local businesses and talent in our area....So here we are! Here's a few photos i took of my favourite products.

PoppyCock Illustrations! Check her out at

King Crumpet! Check her out at


Little C! Follow her on instagram at little_c13


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So this Sunday i took part in a fair at Billingham Forum.....

To be totally honest - it was a flop. Hardly any footfall came through the door and nobody made much money all day. I guess that's what you should expect for a gloomy day in Billingham! 
Anyhoo, spirits were slightly dampened...and bored. But we met some nice people and made some new contacts, so it wasn't all a waste! I did, also, take the time to take some new photographs of my stall and work, so thought i would share with all you lovely people :)

News Update!

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Soooo, if you follow my facebook page you may have seen the announcement i made earlier today - Rosebud Casson is under construction! I have some new exciting ideas, and would really love to take my work into a more specialized area including screenprint and embroidery which is where my passion lies deepest. I've decided to translate this onto my website and hopefully I will be able to bring it back with new life! I want to take the site down, so i can concentrate fully on my new work. I will still be updating all other sources of social media, particularly my Facebook and Instagram accounts and can be contacted by email on

Birthday Surprises

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For my birthday last week i got some totally beautiful gifts and got spoilt rotten :) It's times like these that i'm thankful i have so many creative and talented friends. I got some really beautiful pieces of work!

The two lovely people that are known as Lucy Addison and Thomas Arnell both got together for this one of a kind piece. I've mentioned Lucy's jewelery work before on both my blog and instagram, and i already have a personalized ring that i still wear EVERY day. This gift however, is even more special. From my boyfriend, all words and sentiment was thought up completely by him and it was hand crafted by one of my best friends! I couldn't think of anything more beautiful. On the outside are the words, intricately stamped, "My sun, My moon, and all my stars". For all you game of thrones fans out there, it is NOT from your beloved book series, although i admit it is very similar. This particular line is taken from a poem, by Edward Estlin Cummings, one of my all time favourite poets. For those of you who are not is the poem :)

silently if,out of not knowable
night’s utmost nothing,wanders a little guess
(only which is this world)more of my life does
not leap than with the mystery your smile
sings or if(spiraling as luminous
they climb oblivion)voices who are dreams,
less into heaven certainly earth swims
than each my deeper death becomes your kiss
losing through you what seemed myself;i find
selves unimaginably mine;beyond
sorrow’s own joys and hoping’s very fears
yours is the light by which my spirit’s born:
yours is the darkness of my soul’s return
–you are my sun,my moon,and all my stars

Stamped on the inside of the bracelet is the date that we first kissed. How romantic! I am completely in love with it, and over the moon that my boyfriend and friend got to work together on this surprise. Please check out Lucy's other work at ! Her stuff is beautiful, and can be personalized in any way. Give her an email and she will be more than happy to help with any inquiries!

Two more very special ladies came along to my birthday celebration and some of their own crafty gifts in tow :) The fabulous King Crumpet and Poppycock Illustrations! Their work is so cool and quirky, i was buzzing to get some of their hand made goodies as birthday presents from the lovely ladies themselves. The intricate design of Poppycock's illustrations is amazing to look at, she must have the patience of a saint. You can clearly see how much work has gone into each design and each line drawn. Go over to to see more of her work. The beautiful almost rhubarb and custard-esque hand knitted slippers are those of King Crumpet :) Her work is so cool and lovely, from slippers to key rings, and more importantly bringing good quality craft events to the north east!!! To see more of her work and upcoming events, visit !

Again i feel so lucky to be surrounded by such talented and creative individuals!


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When i see good illustration, something lights up inside of me. It's the same with animation. The possibilities are endless. Whether its a doodle of a mischievous black cat or an intricately painted young girl, looking up intensely at a shining moon in the starry sky. There is just something so beautiful about your imagination coming to life, your deepest thoughts, feelings, desires....manifesting themselves on the piece of paper in front of you. And the emotions that others can feel when looking at an artists work. It's just lovely!

I would like to use this post to share with you some illustrations that have really caught my eye recently, and made me stop and study their beauty. 

"People Standing" Artist - Aoki Tetsuo

Artist - Hayao Miyazaki from Laputa, Castle in the Sky.
Unknown Artist - Original Link
Artist - Rich Kelly
Artist - Franz Falckenhaus
Artist Unknown, Original Link -
Artist Unkown  - Original Link

Looking at these artists work is so inspiring and exciting, as they are so individual and different but can conjure up similar emotions. I am making a promise to myself to pick up my pencil again and start doodling!!!!

Teeside Arts Fest!

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Image copyright to King Crumpet 2014
I'm really excited to announce that i will be taking part in the King Crumpet Teesside Arts fest 2014! Any one who follows me work will know that i have worked closely with King Crumpet Events before and they are always a hoot! King's events are always so original, fun, quirky, and just something a little bit different to what you see in the normal everyday of teesside. 

If you love art, illustration, jewelery, ceramics, photography, textiles, gift etc then this is the place for you. Set in the beautiful town hall of Middlesbrough there are artists and designers showing and selling their work, such as Lucy Addison, Jessica Langford, Poppycock Illustrations, King Crumpet herself and many many more!

This event is free entry for all ages, and is seriously not to be missed!!! 

Image copyright to King Crumpet 2014

Rosebud Casson featured on Beckabonce.

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I was really pleased to find out that I had been featured on the BeckaBonce blog ran by Rebecca Wilson, a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer. Her blog is brimming with inspiration and it's such a good place to get your work out there to people that would appreciate and be interested in art. I'm really honoured to be included on such a lovely site.

To find the original post, click the image below!


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Unfortunately today, i woke up with a pesky virus! Second one in as many weeks...i'm not a fan of my immune system! Our plans were originally to go on a long walk up Rosebery Topping, a hill just on the outskirts of our town. I very much doubt, however, that i could even get halfway up feeling like this, so we have decided to delay our trip until further notice. To be honest i was having reservations about being able to get to the top in one piece anyway ha! But you don't know until you try eh :) (the last time i did this hill was ten years ago, so not massively confident in my fitness abilities these days....)

Anyhoo, we have settled on a slow, gentle walk along the beach, and maybe even pick up a banana flavoured ice cream. Seems that the sun lotion won't go to waste!
Until then! I am taking the opportunity to get a quick blog in to show you whats been inspiring me lately.

My boyfriend and I are saving up to buy our own place, and it is going to take a long while yet until we will have a comfortable deposit to play with - So! I have been keeping my self occupied, and also motivated in the saving plan, by researching interiors and decor! I've absolutely loved looking through Pinterest. Some people have the most beautiful homes!
I love this idea of having a busy wall - i absolutely love illustration and already have a collection of prints tucked away ready to be framed for our new home. I can't think of a better way to show off lovely art work than having a nice clean, bright white wall with lovely frames dotted across it. I think it definitely gives the room character, and gives your guest something to look at! It can also be a glimpse into your taste, and sometimes a quite intimate look into your feelings and outlook on life - depending on the type of art that appeals to you and you choose to display.

I'm also a big fan of the lowness of it all. Low bookshelves and dvd shelves seems to make the room seem bigger and more spacious.
I really like this interesting approach to displaying frames - on a table lent against the wall.

I love the wood flooring in this room. I'm a big fan of any hard wood flooring - not so keen on laminate however. I really like the business of the shelves in this one. With mine and Tom's ever growing book collection, we are going to need something like this to keep them from popping at the seams!
I think the main theme throughout the house would be nice plain white walls, and then splashes of colour would be added with accessories. Pots, pans, cushions, ornaments, throws.....

Beautiful kitchen ware adding a splash of excitement in a plain white setting!  

I've always loved the idea of having a low table, with floor cushions dotted about to create an intimate dining experience. I would definitely have a big solid table and chairs in my dining room for more formal and dinner party occasions, but would love to be able to sit around a low table to chat and eat good food.  
Obviously, being the creative self i am, i will need space! I DREAM of having my own studio one day to be able to work in from home, and carry on my own little business. Something like this would be ideal - busy walls bursting with inspiration, plenty of table space for both sewing machines and screen printing. At the minute my work space is very limited, so having somewhere i can breathe and comfortably work is the most important thing for the near future.

The one thing i am mainly looking forward to is the whole DIY aspect of owning your own home. I can't wait to experiment  with creative ideas to make our home our own, and to go off foraging for lovely things to upcycle!

I will have to end this post now, as it's getting on a bit and there is some sunshine to see! But if you would like to see any more of my home inspiration then check out my PINTEREST and click on the Decor board :)

Au revoir!

Game of Stitches...

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A while ago, someone shared a link to my facebook thinking i would really like it. They were not wrong! Being a lover of intricate embroidery, and also a big big fan of the Game of Thrones series, I was amazed to see the beautiful works of art on each piece of costume. I couldn't believe i hadn't noticed it sooner while watching the series, but i was probably distracted by all the blood and guts being thrown about the tv...

Embroidery is one of my biggest passions, and i am mesmorised by the detail and the stories that go with each costume worn in Game of Thrones.

The colours in this bird are beauuuuuuuuuutiful! I absolutely love the beaded detail, used to give the impression of flight and fluidity. The amount of stitch gone into this piece is amazing. If only this was my full time job!!

The concept behind Daenerys's dresses is really cool. Throughout the season they slowly manipulate the fabric more and more of each dress as it progresses and the dragons are born/grow larger. It's such a good and unique idea to portray this sort of time scale and change through the garments that the characters wear. Hat's off to whoever came up with that one!

Now, onto the part that really caught my eye!! Anyone who knows me and my previous/latest work, knows i ADORE insects. I choose them to work from within my own embroidery because they are just so fascinating. Both in nature and in appearance. They come in all shapes, forms, colours, sizes. They almost look like aliens close up! Without insects, our world would be lost, and i want people to see the beauty of the insect world instead of just disregarding them as creepy crawlies. SO! When i saw the Quarteen dress i stopped in my tracks! To be honest, it is not dissimilar to my own work, using various Stumpwork embroidery techniques to create 3D pieces but my work is no where near as beautiful and, well, GOOD as this! One day maybe ;)

My overall favourite piece has got to be this one, worn by Sansa Stark. I feel like the dragonfly has just landed delicately onto a pond, and the stitching around it conveys the subtle ripples and movement of both the dragonfly and the water. It really takes me back to the work of Annemieke Mein, who, when i was in college, was the biggest inspiration to me of all time. When my tutor Sara told me to look up Annemieke Mein in the library because my work was similar and i could gain alot of inspiration, i was gobsmacked! Such beautiful and intricate work within the life of insects and moths. Mein has been a constant source of inspiration since, and has been the number one reason i wanted to become an embroiderer :) It's lovely to see subtle references of her in recent works like this in the costume design for Game of Thrones no less!!

I keep thinking to myself, who gets these jobs!


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I have, again, been neglecting my blog!! I've felt a little uninspired lately, but delving into some beautiful magazines and browsing through a few lovely blogs I have finally got my spark back. I recently ordered my newest catalogue for the Spring/Summer Collection, and looking through that made me realise how far i've come and how much hard work i have put in in such a short space of time. It feels good! Between launching my very own website and exhibiting some detailed embroidery work at the SEWN Exhibition, i have had a hectic few months. Now i think its time to dig my heels in, slow down a little bit and enjoy, appreciate and love what i have around me. As cheeesy as that sounds ;)

Our lovely model Emily Scott getting a sneak peek of herself in the newest catalogue :)

Currently saving up to buy our own house, i've been concentrating on decoration, home accessories and interiors, and i think i've found a new passion! It's amazing looking at all the creative ideas and DIY and i can't wait to get stuck in. It's given me lots of new inspiration even within my own work so keep your peepers open for some new directions in the future :)

I'm also excited to reveal my new collection of Postcards! It's something i've always wanted to get into, and i thought using my photographs from the collections would be a good place to start. 

Anyhoo, to wrap it all up, i just wanted to say I haven't forgot about my blog! I'm actually looking forward to using it more and more and venturing out into some more blogging styles :)


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Well! I wanted to let you all know of a fabulous talent that is making it's way onto the hand made scene - Lucy Addison Jewellery! About six years ago, i started at Cleveland College of Art and Design, Green Lane in a course called Design Crafts. Somehow i got myself sat next to a lovely, hilarious, mad as a box of frogs Lucy Addison, and since that first day, i've had the pleasure of calling her one of the best friends i've ever had! 

  Her work includes a mixture of metal and ceramics, specialising in jewelery. I have my own piece of her work and i haven't taken it off since the day i got it. (actually one time, i got a hand massage and they made me take it off, but i put it on right after...)

Lucy exhibits her work at various craft fairs, and sells work at places such as Hartlepool Art Gallery, Christ Church. 

Check out her work and personalised commissions on her FACEBOOK and WEBSITE.

Comment. Like it. Share it. Win it.

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Banner made by Kristie Lee Hope.

So,this year has brought some amazing things along with it already, and it's only April 1st! Although i can't always see it, a lot of great things have happened and i've come such a long way since i started out on my own, and i'm really really proud of myself and the work ive created over the last few months. Exhibiting at SEWN and launching my very own official website were just two highlights of the past three months, and i cant wait to see what else in store!

Anyhoo, to get on with it (so to speak) the reason i am writing this blog post is that I wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support over the past few years when i first made the choice that i wanted to be a designer! Therefore, i've organised my  biggest giveaway yet!!! To take part in this bonanza, head over to my Facebook Page now and follow the instructions!!!

Good luck :)


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From Left: Rosebud Casson, Linear Outline, Kayleigh Falcus, King Crumpet, Poppycock.

So on March 7th, I took part in a fab exhibition organised by King Crumpet Events. The one night exhibition involved me and some lovely ladies all from the North East of England, showing off our talents in the areas of stitch, embroidery and illustration. The night was fantastic, there was a really good turn out and the atmosphere was amazing.

 Gift Bags from SEWN Exhibition

It was a really good night for Hartlepool, and really refreshing to see someone trying to make an effort and difference for the art scene in the North East, which our area seriously lacks. The work shown that night was lovely, and it made me so proud to be able to show my work along side such talented ladies. 

The new collection that was shown at the exhibition will be released this Monday, 24th March on my website along side with the brand new lookbook featuring the new photoshoot images. Exciting!!

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So, last weekend i got my Creative Team together and we got working on taking some beautiful imagery for my new up and coming website! I'm wonderfully lucky to know people who are so talented in so many different fields that can help me with my work. This weekend included Charlotte Greig as photographer, Emily Scott and the beautiful model and Abby Frew sharing her expertise on hair and make up. After days and days of rain and general gloom, the day we had scheduled turned out to be amazingly gorgeous! The sun was shining and not a drop of rain in site! We'd had this day planned for a couple of week and had no idea what the weather was going to turn out like, so we ended up being very lucky.

It was a bit nerve racking for me as i hadn't shown anyone the newest collection yet, and the feedback i got off my team was lovely. It's nice to hear good things about the work i've been slaving over recently, as i've been focusing on it so much i just can't see how it actually looks anymore! 

Although it was lovely and sunny, the wind was certainly making an appearance. My poor model Emily was freezing, but she remained incredibly professional and didn't whinge once. I did feel very very sorry for her! I took part in the photography myself as well as Charlotte, as i want to be involved with as much as i can when it comes to my work. I can be quite particular and i know what i want! However, the photography was mainly done by the talented Charlotte Greig, and i couldn't be happier with the results. It's been so exciting looking through and sorting out the photographs for the new collection and i can't wait for you all to see it!!

To be one of the first to see my brand new spring collection, make sure you come to the SEWN Exhibition presented by King Crumpet Events where i myself am exhibiting brand new work!
However, if you can't wait till then for Rosebud Casson, don't forget my very own website is launched on MARCH 1st! Where my Autumn Collection will be available to browse and purchase :)